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You Can Now Buy Dirty, Worn-In Converse... At Full Price

Dressing like Kristen Stewart just got a little bit easier.
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Dressing like Kristen Stewart just got a little bit easier: Converse is releasing a line of its famous sneaks that are already broken in. Because haven't you always dreamed of wearing someone else's dirty, stinky sneakers?

The new line, aptly called "Well Worn," includes both high and low-top Chuck Taylors, which retail for £50 ($76) and £55 ($85) respectively, Grazia is reporting. The shoes have softer-washed pre-dirtied canvas, scuffed and stained tips, and thinner laces--thus saving you the trouble of actually, you know, wearing your sneakers in. No word yet on how the shoes will smell--though we're betting they won't come with the kind of stank that usually accompanies broken-in sneaks.

To launch the collection, Converse is giving lucky Londoners a free concert series called "Get Dirty," so they can go rock out to acts like China Rat and Ghostface Killah while pretending they've had those sneakers since, like, forever.

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