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10 New Designer Perfumes and Their Runway Doppelgangers

A perfume has to be an obvious extension of a designer's aesthetic, and sometimes the bottles and packaging look amazingly similar to looks that have gone down the runway. Don't believe us? Here are 10 new perfumes and their twins from the runway.

During New York fashion week I attended the launch party for Marni's first ever perfume. While wandering around in the perfume's natural habitat--the brand's Meatpacking District boutique, which featured huge bottles of the fragrance everywhere--I was struck by how it just seemed to fit there. Now obviously this is no coincidence.

Fragrances are often pillars in a designer's business, and lots of thought is put into how to make it an aesthetic extension of the brand. Yes, the juice matters, but so does the bottle. The packaging ties all the elements together.

With that in mind, here are 10 new designer perfumes for spring and their runway doppelgangers. (This was the best scavenger hunt ever.)

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