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A Look at the Next Generation of 'Body Toning' Beauty Products

Can a cream on your thighs do the same thing as a good long run? Beauty brands have come up with a new way to give you the best of both worlds.

Forget about champagne and macarons: The latest trend in fashion parties (at least for those of us on the beauty side of things) is a good work out.

Skinceuticals hosted editors at a FlyWheel class a few weeks ago to introduce its new body product line to the industry, and last night Clarins made me do horrendous sprints on a treadmill at Barry's Bootcamp. (I can't sit, stand, or walk today.)

Let's face it, the beauty industry is often a lot of smoke and mirrors, offering "miracles" in a jar. While I'm willing to suspend disbelief in the case of say, eye creams (can't lay off 'em), believing that my stretch marks and cellulite can disappear thanks to a concoction in a bottle makes me more skeptical. So at least now, with these new workout-class/product-launch hybrid events, companies are acknowledging that, if you want results, you'll need to get some exercise--you can't just eat a bunch of cupcakes, slather on some cream, and watch as your cellulite melts away.

Case in point: Clarins's new Body Lift Cellulite Control potion purports to help banish cellulite and prevent new cellulite--but Clarins reps were careful to say that the product should be used in conjunction with a good exercise program and healthy diet. There's even a special application process which is like a workout itself (watch the video here--there was some nervous giggling during the screening of this at yesterday's event). The beauty brand has even paired up with Barry's Bootcamp for a weekly series of exercise videos (featuring trainer Joey Gonzalez--trust me, check him them out) that will air on Clarins's YouTube channel starting on April 29. I have no idea whether the product will do anything for your ass, but the workout certainly will.

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