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Fashionista to Launch New Site, Cat-shionista

Yup, it's happening. All the deets, this way.

If you're a regular (or even casual) reader of this site, you'll have noticed that we have a thing for cats. So much so that we scrupulously document the cats of famous fashion personalities (hello Choupette!), conduct interviews with them, improve fashion campaigns by Photoshopping cats in, and cover cat clothing at every chance we get.

You'll also have noticed that we've been expanding (slowly but surely)--our editorial team has grown from two to six; we got a shiny new facelift; and we recently launched a shopping channel. While brainstorming ways to grow our brand, we asked ourselves, "What are we good at and what is there a demand for from our readers?" The answer was a no-brainer: Cats! So, we're excited to announce the imminent launch of Cat-shionista.

The new site will feature cat-focused fashion content:

• Since Fashionista has always been about news, we will bring you all cat fashion news first--cats landing editorials, covers and ad campaigns; cat collaborations; cat product launches. You name it; we'll bring it to you first.

• We're also planning several reccurring features, including cat-focused iterations of some of our successful Fashionista features including: "How I'm Making It" with designers of feline fashion, of which there is a burgeoning industry, especially in Japan; "Copycat" a cat-focused version of Adventures in Copyright; "Cat Home With..." will be a video series chronicling a day in the life of a noted fashion designer or personality and their cat. First up, we were lucky enough to nab the most famous designer/cat duo in history: Karl and Choupette Lagerfeld.

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• We'll also have plenty of investigative reporting: An in-depth exposé of the cat modeling industry is in the works, for instance.

• A complete archive of cat-itorials.

• Frequent shopping guides will help you find the best clothes for cats and cat-themed clothes for humans out there.

And there's one more very important component we need before Cat-shionista is ready to go live: We're looking for a full-time Editorial Director of Cat Content.

For an application as well as a mockup of the site, click here.