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Could This Be the Last Season of The Rachel Zoe Project?

Apparently ratings are at an all-time low.
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Amidst rumors that Rachel Zoe's clothing line is in the red, comes the very real possibility that her reality show won't be renewed after its fifth season.

Ratings for last week's episode, in which Rach and Rodg spent all day looking at extravagant Manhattan apartments, were the lowest in the show's history. According to Bravo Ratings, only 518,000 people tuned in and the show is averaging 637,600 viewers per episode, which is a steep decline from season four, which averaged 958,750 and season three, which averaged 1,099,750, according to the same site, which cites Neilsen Ratings as its source.

It's a Brad Brad World isn't doing great either--though it didn't get very high ratings to begin with. And its ratings could have more to do with the ratings of the show it follows (in this case, The Rachel Zoe Project). Brad is averaging 578,200 per episode viewers this season, versus 820,875 last season.

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So is this cause for concern? Maybe.

Bravo recently celebrated its upfronts, where it announced a list of greenlit and returning shows, thereby unofficially announcing which shows would not be returning next season. It's too early for Rachel or Brad to be a part of this list since their shows are still on the air. However, both Rachel and Brad are currently in the same ratings bracket as shows that Bravo is not planning on bringing back. Plus, there were rumors that The Rachel Zoe Project wouldn't even get a fifth season. It seems safe to say these stylists' reality TV futures are uncertain at best.

We have a few guesses as to why people aren't tuning in to Rachel's show. For one, Brad and Taylor are gone, so there are no juicy, tear-filled assistant feuds to keep us watching. Also, Rachel just seems a little too in control of things--the show just focuses on projects she wants to promote. She barely even styles anymore and there's no drama. There's not much drama on Brad's show either, but he and Gary are funny so we, personally, are okay with it.

Still, if there is a sixth season of Rachel, can it please open with Rachel and Rodger reading this article and getting really upset about how mean the media is to them? ;)

We've reached out to Bravo and will report back when we know more.