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Fashion Teasers from the New Great Gatsby Trailer

We're super jealous of Daisy's dresses and Gatsby's color-coordinated shirts.
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We've been writing excitedly about Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby adaptation since literally 2010 and judging by this new, almost three-minute long trailer, it might actually come out soon (May 10, allegedly).

A lot of fashion news has come out of the film regarding its period costumes--first that Tiffany & Co. made much of the jewelry; then that Brooks Brothers created the men's looks; and finally we got confirmation that Miuccia Prada designed some beautiful costumes for the film's leading ladies.

This latest trailer gives us a closer look at the designs from all three--most prominently the wardrobes of Daisy (Carey Mulligan) and Gatsby (Leo DiCaprio). The latter is particularly impressive--we get a look at Gatsby's wide assortment of fancy shirts and at one point he dons a lovely pink suit. Buchanan, of course, is stunning in every frame. Watch below and click through the gallery for a breakdown of the fashion.

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