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Fashionista March Madness, Round 2: New York and Milan

Fashionista's March Madness tournament is down to the Elite Eight.

Fashionista's March Madness tournament is down to the Elite Eight.

Round One has wrapped up in New York, Milan, London, and Paris--now it's time to get elite.

We're kicking off the Elite Eight rounds today with New York, where we've got Marc Jacobs going head-to-head with the boys of Proenza Schouler, and Milan, where Dolce & Gabbana take on Prada.

Since it's fashion, there won't be any grizzly injuries here. (If you don't know what we're talking about, let us encourage you to please never, ever look it up. Seriously. Just...don't.)


This was another hotly contested matchup, with Marc Jacobs's going point-for-point with Proenza Schouler until the buzzer.

Jacobs got on the board pretty quickly for his winning combo of showmanship and luxury. As Lauren said, "He tapped into something we're all feeling: comfort dressing." Jack and Lazaro nailed shot after shot from women who wanted to wear every piece of their "forward-thinking" collection.

But in the end, Jacobs brought us the sun--kind of hard to beat.

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WINNER: Marc Jacobs


La vita was not so dolce for these two houses when they battled it out for domination of Milan.

Dolce & Gabbana pulled away fast with points for fashion that didn't take itself too seriously--and those crowns!

But Prada quickly closed the gap with a collection paradoxically deemed both "of the moment" and "best grunge reinterpretation of the season."

Leah put it most simply when she said, "Prada: She's unstoppable."


UPDATED BRACKET: Marc Jacobs and Prada move on to the Final Four.

Tomorrow, Christopher Kane and Burberry duke it out in London while Celine takes on Dior in Paris.