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Game of Thrones Fashion Recap: Who Are You Calling a Harlot?

Game of Thrones Season Three is officially in full swing, and we've settled in for the long haul. While last night's episode was sadly lacking in Daenerys scenes, we're still obsessing over that claw necklace she wore in the premiere. Costumer Michele Clapton tells us why it's significant.

Joffrey Won't Wear Flowers, Damn It:

This scene with Joffrey getting dressed in front of his mother was very cringey. "Make it tighter here!" he tells his valet. "It makes you look very strong," says Cersei. Then to really assert his manhood, "No flowers! All these are wrong--bring others!"

Sorry, Joffrey. Margaery is definitely going to wear the pants in your marriage.

Who's the Harlot?

Margaery and Cersei didn't share any scenes this episode, but that doesn't mean they still aren't dressing to annoy each other.

Cersei is still wearing that lion head armor that she debuted last week--it's a lot of look for day time. And while Cersei is covering up, she's noticed that Margaery definitely isn't. During the Joffrey dressing scene, he rejects a small square of fabric and Cersei suggests, "Give it to Margaery for her wedding gown. It should be more than enough fabric." Later Cersei says, "She dresses like a harlot for a reason."

Of the wardrobe contrast between the two women, Clapton told us, "[Cersei's] armored corset is to show power, but then Margaery undermines her with the girlish, revealing simplicity of her new dresses. It's a dangerous game." (As anyone who's married can tell you, pissing off your mother-in-law usually is.)

Heavy Dressing: Speaking of wardrobe contrast, what is the climate like in Kings Landing, anyway? Based on how they dress, women are either freezing or broiling we suspect. We really wish Sansa would give up these heavy, depressing gowns and go a little flowier (maybe not as flowy and bare as Shae, but please--lighten up, Sansa).

We Meet the Dowager Countess of Game of Thrones: In this episode we meet Lady Olenna (otherwise known as the Queen of Thorns), who is Margaery's feisty grandmother and in town to check up on things. (Missing Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey? Well, look no further--Diana Rigg, who plays Lady O, is even a Dame just like Maggie Smith.) She is the wise old woman who doesn't care what she says to anyone.

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And that full headdress? That's one way to cover up an older neckline, we guess.

Dragonflies Are So Fall 2013:

In other Sansa news, she accessorized with a lot of dragonflies (just like Thakoon!)--both her necklace and button pins have the motif.

(Now, this may have significance, but it's pretty esoteric and also involves a lot of fake Westeros history, so if you're interested in a very thorough and impressive analysis of Sansa's dragonflies, go here.)

Robb Stark's Wife, Talisa, Does Minimalism:

Talisa is a healer, and also on the road a lot, so it makes sense that she's a simple dresser. We like her monochrome, minimal aesthetic. She's a no-nonsense nurse.

Bran Has the Karlie:

He does. Just saying.

Brienne or Tilda Swinton?

Tilda Swinton uses fashion as armor in a way; Brienne does it literally. These two statuesque bleach blondes share an aesthetic (though we think Tilda has a bit more of a sense of humor than Brienne does).