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Lindsay Lohan Jokes She Shoplifted Her Suno Dress on Letterman

We have to hand it to Lilo: She braved Letterman's jokes like a champ last night and looked good doing it. That's a Suno number she's rocking. And yes, she paid for it.

Could Lindsay Lohan finally be on the mend? For serious this time?

The starlet made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night--ostensibly to promote Scary Movie 5, but really to talk about her controversial lifestyle, sticky fingers, love of vodka and her upcoming stint in rehab.

To everyone's surprise--especially Letterman's--LiLo totally kept her shit together. She was poised, charming, and graciously laughed along with the crowd even when she was the butt of the joke.

She also looked incredible in a very fashion-y Spring 2013 Suno dress. Suno's PR confirmed they didn't send Lohan the dress to wear, as would be the case with most celebrities, and can only assume she bought it herself. Which, she totally did you guys.

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When asked about her stealing habit, Lohan said, "We thought we were going to do a joke where the tag was still on my dress and then you had to cut it off. But I did buy this one!"

We believe you Lindsay.

We look forward to more moments like this post-rehab.

Watch the interview below.