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Lindsay Lohan Wishes Her Fake Saint Laurent Ad Were Real

These fake Saint Laurent campaign images dreamed up by VFiles (including Amanda Bynes, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan) are making our day. Obvi this would never really happen (right?) but Lohan "would die" if it did. Click through to see them all, plus a few of our own. Angela Chase for Saint Laurent anyone?
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Like everything Hedi Slimane has done since joining (Yves) Saint Laurent, his recent ad campaign starring rockers like Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love and Kim Gordon has been met with mixed reviews. While some are like, "Rad! Best campaign ever!" others are like, "WTF? Marilyn Manson, really? What is the point of this? Yves is rolling over in his grave."

Thankfully between those two extremes, there's VFiles, which has had more of a lighthearted response. It noticed users (VFiles is a fashion-specific social media platform) posting the images like crazy and decided to offer its own suggestions as to who else they thought could have "made the cut" in Slimane's campaign.

One of its fauxtoshop campaign stars was, of course, Lindsay Lohan. Obvi this would never really happen (right?) but Lohan totally wishes it would. Someone tweeted the fake image at her and she actually responded: "omg I would die! So amazing !!! I love Hedi & shooting w/him!"

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It's true: He did photograph her back in 2009. At the time, she was starting to make headlines for her apparent weight loss, which was well-documented in Slimane's photos--Lohan wasn't wearing much clothing in them. So we guess Lindsay Lohan for Saint Laurent isn't totally out of the question.

But would he go so far as to cast Amanda Bynes, Jared Leto, Charlie Sheen, or Nas? Probably not, but it's fun to see what that would look like. Click through the gallery for those and a few of our own (Angela Chase for Saint Laurent anyone?)!