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Mad Men Fashion Recap: The Blues

Click through to see all the looks from Mad Men and let us know what you think of the episode in the comments.
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It's no coincidence this episode, which tackles Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, is called "The Flood." The title references the torrential rains after the murder, the flood of emotions and outrage following that event, the coupling off of animals on Noah's Ark--as referenced by Ginsberg's father.

Throughout the episode the characters wear a lot of blue--it mirrors their emotion but it also references the title. The cast of Mad Men handles the news of MLK's assassination in their own ways--Betty relates it to Henry's career as a politician and her fear of the future, Don uses it as a way to connect with his children, and Peggy sees it as a talking point for her and Abe's relationship.

Click through to see all the looks from Mad Men and let us know what you think of the episode in the comments.

Megan Megan starts the episode in a similar frock to one she wore last episode. It's a pink-sleeved, brocade, beaded dress that she pairs with her wreath-like circle earrings and a crazy hairdo. On Mad Men's website you can watch a video where Janie Bryant describes finding the dress, which is vintage, and pretty much remaking it from tip to tail to fit Megan's lifestyle. After the news of Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, Megan's wardrobe gets taken down a notch in the glamour department: She's clad in a pale blue robe and red nightgown. She also wears a black jacket to take Gene and Sally to Central Park for a vigil. She's dropped the bombshell TV starlet routine and has become Megan Draper, wife and mother, which is refreshing, but also worrisome because I so badly want her to stick it to Don. Speaking of Don, they seem to be on much better terms than in the previous episode.

Don Don looked swanky in a tux at the ANDY awards and later in a grey suit paired with a red and grey striped tie in the office the day following the MLK assassination. Eventually, though, he breaks his shiny exterior after a morning of sleeping in, wearing a blue plaid robe around the house. When he takes Bobby to see Planet of the Apes, he wears one of his plaid blazers in green--definitely Dad attire.

Bobby Picking away at his blue wallpaper, Bobby wears a blue cardigan over a blue shirt. Later he's in a navy shearling jacket and at the movie theater he takes off his jacket to show a beige sweater and green shirt, similar to the earthy tones of the film. It's great to finally see a Bobby storyline, especially since it relates to how Don perceives his own childhood.

Arnold & Sylvia Arnold and Sylvia made a quickie appearance this episode to bode Don and Megan an awkward adieu as they set off to a conference in Washington, D.C. Arnold looks comical compared to Don's tux in his trench and fedora hat. Sylvia is in one of her animal print getups, this time a red suit with zebra trim. Throughout the season she's borrowed trends from all cultures, like her kimono, her giant furs, and now her animal print, which seems a little tacky for a wealthy lady living on Park Ave. It was hard to watch Don try to find a way to contact Sylvia while she was in D.C. without getting found out. It seems like the only way for them to be able to interact socially is through Megan, who seems head-over-heels for Sylvia. It'll be interesting to see how Don copes with this lack of control in his relationship with Sylvia.

Peggy Peggy brought out some of her cutest outfits ever this episode, at least during the scenes she interacts with Abe on a personal level. To apartment shop she wears an orange top and flared skirt complete with neck scarf and box bag. Later when they discuss the loss of the apartment and Abe drops the "when we have kids" bomb, she looks almost New Wave in a navy and red striped top and ribbon headband. In between her sweet interactions with Abe, though, she dresses a little weird. Her dress for the ANDY awards looks like something Sally would have worn three seasons ago, and her green suit in the office is just plain matronly. But I have hope for Peggy, things are looking up for her in every arena.

Phyllis Peggy's secretary comes into work in a brown check dress with a giant white collar, definitely more subdued than the neon orange outfit she wore a couple of episodes earlier. Phyllis and Peggy seem to have a budding friendship, aside from their work relationship, so maybe Phyllis can point out some fashion tips for Peggy. I mean, hopefully.

Abe Oh, Abe. We have no idea what's going on with his hair or moustache; all we can say for sure is that he has chosen a look and committed to it. To apartment shop, Abe wears a leather jacket, half plaid shirt, and black trouser with a brown belt. This is his urban cowboy look, clearly. At the ANDY awards, he is rocking a tuxedo and ruffled shirt, and to speed write his article on the assassination he tones it down in a simple white tee. He comes on strong, but his affection for Peggy is one of the greatest parts of this season. They seem to be the only functioning couple on the whole show.

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Betty Betty has entered full-on mother hen mode this episode. She starts off in a beige and yellow paisley shirtdress, and follows that up with a green floral dress in a similar cut. As the world moves forward in a scary direction, Betty retreats into things she is familiar with. She sends the kids to Don's, perhaps because she can't handle sharing this emotional time with them, and greets Henry at home in a black sweater and ivory cardigan. It's no wonder she supports his idea to run for the state senate, Betty's always had a thing for guys in positions of power. After considering being in the public eye, however, Betty realizes she's got a long way to getting back into her turquoise strapless dress.

Henry Henry is looking pretty hunky this episode. He sticks to a routine wardrobe of somewhat crumpled shirts and not the best suits, exactly what you'd imagine a behind-the-scenes politician to be wearing. Let's see how his wardrobe changes as he moves to center stage. I expect he may need some tips from Don.

Sally Sally was all about the plaid this episode, first wearing a plaid dress with gold chain straps over a teal sweater, and later a plaid coat over navy pants. She didn't play much of a role in this episode since Bobby took the lead, but I'm sure we'll get Sally's take on the tragedy soon enough. She's never been one to lack a strong opinion.

Ginsberg Michael Ginsberg is truly the most awkward man, from his neckties right down to blurting out that he is still a virgin on a first date. Not the smoothest play in the book. He seems to have a collection of ill-fitting suede jackets, tiny patterned shirts, and, yes, horrible ties, that he puts together so that they never match whatsoever. Somehow his crazy wardrobe allows his earnestness to come through; it really seemed like Beverly, his date, liked him. Maybe not as a boyfriend, though.

Beverley Beverley wears a schoolgirl style navy dress with giant ivory cuffs and collar. She genuinely seems sweet and kind to Ginsberg. Maybe they can strike up a playful friendship à la Stan and Peggy, you know, before the whole Heinz thing.

Joan Joan, why? It doesn't have to be like this, Joanie. A royal blue dress with sheer neckline? Houndstooth? That awkward hug with Dawn? Joan is trying to modernize her wardrobe (and her life) to keep up with the times of the late 1960s, but is still deeply rooted in her ways.

Dawn Dawn carries out the blue theme of the episode to its extreme, in a full blue plaid ensemble complete with a blue rain bonnet. She seems utterly down, but determined to use her work as a distraction from the assassination. I think Dawn has a larger role to play this season, as we caught a glimpse of in the last episode.

Brendan This guy is just creepy by default. He's clearly Roger's drug buddy of sorts, and he dresses like a precursor to Pee-Wee Herman in plaid bow ties and circular specs. He not only gave me the creeps, but Don too.

Trudy Single Trudy has abandoned her flounce and is all business in a sleek navy dress. She is resolute not to allow Pete back into her home, and handles herself with a lot of strength. More Trudy, please!