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Mad Men Fashion Recap: Wives and Mothers

Click through to see what the characters of Mad Men wore in episode three.
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Oh boy. It's only the third episode of the season, and Mad Men is pulling out the big guns. In an episode called "Collaborators," which in itself is a tongue in cheek reference to the affairs in the office and the bedroom, we see Don's relationship with Sylvia progress, while his relationship with Megan slowly continues to fall apart. Pete's dalliance with a neighbor meets a surprising response from Trudy, and at Sterling Cooper things get weird with Heinz and Jaguar.

The main storylines focus on Don and Pete, with a splash of Peggy, meaning lots of ugly ties, pussy bow blouses, and Trudy in florals, but leaving us die-hard Joan lovers clamoring for more. Hopefully in episode four, we get some news on the status of Joan's life in 1968.

Click through to see what the characters of Mad Men wore in episode three.

Don Don is looking less polished than ever. In the past he's had a pretty strict wardrobe of dark hued suits with very modest dark ties, but in this episode he wears three different suit colors--blue, light grey, and black--and some really hideous ties. Mustard yellow?! This is a bad sign, people.

Megan Megan only appears twice in this episode, distraught over her miscarriage and the fact that she had kept it secret from Don. While firing her housekeeper she wears plaid trousers, and green cable knit sweater with a white shirt collar peeking out, and a brown headband. Maybe I'm pushing it, but the plaid pants are a little Betty, right? Then Megan cuts out of dinner to stay home in a light blue housecoat, definitely the polar opposite of beach sexy Megan from episode one.

Sylvia Mad Men's premiere episode was called "The Doorway," and it seems that once you get through the doorway you'll find Sylvia Rosen in the hallway. Sylvia is doing her best Mrs. Robinson impression this episode; Her whole wardrobe is pretty sexy for a housewife and mother. She first appears in her kimono, head wrap, and maribou feather shoes to ask her hubby for money, something that will remind Don of a teenage stay in a whorehouse with his step-mother. Later, Sylvia runs into Megan in a blue sheath dress with pearl embellishments, dines with Don in a grey beaded dress with beaded fringe around the waist, and meets Don in the stairwell in a red nightie. Throughout the episode, Sylvia tellingly wears her ring and cross necklace, constant reminders of the moral implications of her tryst with Don.

Pete The combination of Pete's receding hairline and his ever growing sideburns is not a happy one. Last season, Pete was looking rumpled and disorganized, but now with his new apartment in the city he's looking is snazzier than ever. From his purple ties to puffy pocket squares, Pete has a lot of swag.

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Trudy Finally, Trudy Campbell! Trudy spends her first scene of the season wearing an autumn-colored floral full-skirted dress to entertain the neighbors. She is wearing a similarly hued shift dress when Pete's lover shows up battered in their kitchen. When Trudy lays down the law to Pete, she is wearing a green and white shirtdress, which is the Trudy version of power dressing.

Brenda Pete tends to prey on vulnerable women, and so Brenda was right up his alley. After giving her his card at their dinner party, she meets him in the city in an ensemble that is almost funerary. She's in a black minidress and giant slanted hat, with sexy black lingerie underneath. At the episode's end, Brenda looks understandably disheveled in a blue nightie with a beige cardigan over the top.

Peggy Peggy is really getting into navy and violet this season. And of course: she's still sporting her signature bows around her neck. It's still sweet and girly, but veering into maturity. As she struggles with being the boss and finding a way to mentor her creatives the way Don mentored her, her wardrobe fluctuates between business and fun.

Ted Chaough On his days off from CGC, I think Ted Chaough is moonlighting as The Captain from Captain and Tennille. Seriously. The turtlenecks are one thing, but the bronze suit and paisley tie are next level.

Joan Joan makes just one appearance in this episode--same as last episode--in another new outfit. Last time we saw Joan in a purple vest/dress combo, and she seems to have taken to that silhouette, now wearing a navy fitted dress with orange printed sleeves and scarf. In Scooby Doo terms, it's like where Daphne meets Velma.

Harry and Roger In Janie Bryant's review of this episode on the Mad Men website, she discusses "peacock fashion," a trend in men's fashions of the late 1960s to get gussied up like a peacock on the prowl. Look no further than Harry Crane in a blue suit and gold tie to see the look in action. Roger only semi peacocked, instead favoring a classic three piece suit with electric blue accents.