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Ne-Yo Says He 'Didn't Get' Kanye West's Kilts Either

We sat down with Ne-Yo to chat about the X-Factor, his favorite designers, where he stands on kilts on dudes, and this new ice cream collaboration he's working on. Yep, that's happening.
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Celebrity collaborations these days truly run the gamut.

Case in point: Ne-Yo, along with British pop import (and X-Factor UK alum) Cher Lloyd have teamed up with ice cream company Fruttare.

The two are to create a brand new song with the help of fans on social media to debut in June--which is fitting since according to The Hollywood Reporter Ne-Yo may soon be headed to the American X-Factor as a judge.

We got a chance to chat with Ne-Yo about this latest collab and more. While he would confirm he's in talks with the X-Factor, the deal is by no means done. Still, we had to ask if he would comment on the matter.

"I'm not allowed to say anything," he said.

Does that perhaps mean it's true?

"I'll go fifty-fifty with you, but I can't say a word!"

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So what could Ne-Yo share? Well, that he wrote a few songs for Beyonce's next album ("I'm crossing my fingers that I made it! You never know until you look at the credits and are like, 'oh, I guess my song didn't make it...") and went into the studio with Celine Dion recently ("Her voice is so effortless and she's not even trying! She's like filing her nails and she's like ahhhhhhh!!") He also was eager to talk to us about fashion and style, commenting on everything from his first Givenchy show to how he feels about Kanye West's notorious kilts.

Fashionista: You obviously have great style. Who are your icons? Sammy Davis Jr. The whole Rat Pack era. Like if you ever find pictures of those guys offstage, you’ll see that they’re just as fly onstage as off. You know, Imma just put on a suit because it’s Tuesday. It was like looking good for the sake of looking good. Not because ‘oh I have an event I have to look good for.'

Who are your favorite designers? I’m really feeling Paul Smith right now. You can’t go wrong with Tom Ford, from formal to otherwise. He definitely knows what he’s doing. Balmain I’m a huge fan of. And…I can’t think of the name now...

Givenchy maybe? I like Givenchy but sometimes it’s a bit busy for me. But actually I got the chance to go to the Givenchy men’s fashion show in Paris. It was my first time ever going.

How was that? It was interesting. There were some trends that were not going to be my thing but there was a serious air of freedom. Like, I’m going to wear whatever the hell I want in the name of fashion. It’s like, I don’t care what anyone has to say. The whole kilt each his own.

What did you think when Kanye wore that? I can honestly say that I didn’t get it. But when Kanye does it you’re kind of like, okay, well that’s Kanye. He’s gotten to a point in his career where he gets that pass. He can do something a little outlandish fashion-wise and style-wise.

What’s interesting is that Kanye reportedly asked to have all those photos of him wearing the kilt removed from Getty. Well maybe he was having second thoughts about it too!