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Nicolas Ghesquière Covers New 'Deep-Thoughts Magazine' About the Fashion Industry

A thoughtful and dishy-sounding new independent print magazine is set to hit newsstands in May. Though, it's being met with some opposition from publishing giant Condé Nast.
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A thoughtful and dishy-sounding new print magazine is set to hit newsstands in May.

We first heard about the mag, called System, when stylist and Nicolas Ghesquiere muse/collaborator Marie-Amélie Sauvé mentioned it in an interview with The Cut last month. "It's a new magazine, and it's not really a fashion magazine — fashion is just one part of it — so it let me give my opinion on something other than fashion," she said. "And I was also able to help with the written part of a magazine, because typically I only do editorials. It really opened up my mind to express myself outside of a photo shoot."

...Or when a promising independent magazine is met with opposition from bigger publishing houses?

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Apparently, Condé Nast, where Sauvé is a senior fashion editor at W, is not thrilled about her involvement in System; and the magazine's future is dependent on careful negotiations between Condé and System's editors.

While frustrating, we'll take Condé's hostility as a sign that this magazine has the potential to be really good. We're definitely intrigued.