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Vanessa Seward on Her Fall 2013 A.P.C. Collection

A.P.C. was nice enough to let us pick Seward's brain about her latest collection for the brand.
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We were pretty bummed when we found out Vanessa Seward had left Azzaro back in 2011, but she quickly nabbed a job designing capsule collections for A.P.C. that we're growing increasingly fond of season after season. Seward's third collection for the brand was styled into A.P.C.'s main fall 2013 collection. And it might be one of our favorites yet.

Seward's slightly '70s, very feminine and ladylike aesthetic melds perfectly with A.P.C.'s signature simplicity--proof that it's good to be picky and fastidious about collaborations, as A.P.C. has always been.

A.P.C. was nice enough to let us pick Seward's brain about her latest collection and what it is that makes A.P.C. so perfect.

Fashionista: Did you have a specific starting point or inspiration this season? Vanessa Seward: I usually have a more sophisticated approach for winter collections, which came out in the colors (black, beige with highlights of red and dark gold) and in the use of lace and lamé. For the prints, I was happy to be able to work with the artist, Jason Glasser, whose work had been a source of inspiration.

The use of lace stood out as a highlight in this collection--can you tell me a little bit about that? I thought it would be interesting to use lace at A.P.C. as it has always been a favorite of mine. The challenge was to incorporate it in a graphic and simple way to keep with the A.P.C. spirit. Did you have anything to do with those Tango shoes? The tango shoes were actually done by the A.P.C. studio. Judith Touitou, Creative Director (& Jean’s wife) had noticed I used them on a daily basis and thought it would be fun to make some for the A.P.C. winter collection. The great thing about real tango shoes such as these is they don't only look good but are also very comfortable.

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Were you an A.P.C. fan before you started designing for it? Yes, I was a fan of A.P.C. prior to my collection! Actually, I think that's how it started, when Jean and Judith realized I was a regular client!

What is it about A.P.C. clothing that makes it so appealing? How do you design for your own aesthetic while still keeping it very A.P.C.? I love the timeless simplicity of their cuts. Each season I could buy the entire collection and continue to wear it for ages. Each piece is "right," therefore, I try to keep the same spirit and glam it up with couture details and fabrics that refer to my own personal style.

What if anything differentiates the girl who wears regular A.P.C. from the girl who wears your collection for the brand? For me it's the same girl, it's just a different mood.

Your collection was styled into the main collection this season--any particular reason? I'm really happy the collection was styled into the main collection at the presentation. I think the pleasure we have working with each other really showed as the two collections work so well together.

The collections are always really tightly edited. Does it start out small or do you make more and then edit it down? I always sketch a little more and then go through everything with the A.P.C. studio to ensure it all makes sense for the brand.

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