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Who Resisted and Who Succumbed to the Festival Fashion Plague

The crowd at this year's Coachella in Indio, California seem firmly divided into two distinct camps: Those who have built up resistance to the often culturally insensitive, pseudo hippie flower child style we've all grown accustomed to seeing at the fest, and those who've succumbed to the sickness.
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The crowd at this year's Coachella seem firmly divided into two distinct camps: Those who have succumbed to the stereotypical often culturally insensitive, pseudo-hippie flower child style (we're likening it to a fashion plague), and those who've built up immunity to it.

From floral crowns to festive fringe, there's still a healthy (unhealthy?) dose of traditional Coachella fare running rampant this time around. But we've seen an increasing number of celebs who are more willing than ever to break the stereotypical mold that is Minnetonkas paired with denim cut-offs. It's quite refreshing, really! And encouraging for the human race in general.

Click through to see if your favs (oh, and Paris Hilton) have managed to build up immunity over years of festival-going, or if the pressure proved to be a little too much in 2013. And don't worry: Happily this virus can not be transmitted via the computer screen. We hope.

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