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Anna Wintour Reportedly Had Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Over for Dinner

Has Kim Kardashian finally, finally gotten Vogue's stamp of approval?
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Has Kim Kardashian finally, finally gotten Vogue's stamp of approval?

After Anna Wintour allegedly banned Kim Kardashian from attending last year's Met Ball Us Weekly is reporting that the reality TV star and Kanye West spent their Cinco de Mayo at Wintour's NYC abode. Us's source says the trio shared an "intimate dinner"--after which, we can only assume, West did body shots off Kardashian's pregnant belly while Wintour played the maracas. iOlé!

For the meeting, the expectant Kardashian donned a Wintour-approved Prada maternity dress which, while not particularly flattering, definitely conveyed that whole I-don't-give-a-flying-f**k thing we're kind of starting to love about her pregnancy wardrobe. West complemented his baby mama's outfit with a chewed up sweater that definitely cost more than a month of my rent, while Wintour presumably played third wheel in a baja hoodie and sombrero.

But enough about the clothes: Why were they meeting? Did Kardashian and West stop by to get their Met Ball outfits approved by Wintour (as allegedly everyone has to do)? Were they discussing the potential of getting Kardashian's requisite naked pregnancy photo in Vogue?

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One thing's for sure, now that the alleged feud between Wintour and Kardashian is over, we're betting those rumors about West and Kardashian walking the red carpet are true. And maybe Kardashian will even make her debut appearance in Vogue soon. Stay tuned.