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Anna Wintour Says She's 'Intimidated By Everybody'

Anna Wintour, just like us? Eh, probably not.

Attending the New York premiere of The Great Gatsby earlier this week, Anna Wintour was victim to the reporters and TV crews flanking the red carpet just like every other celebrity.

The Cut noticed that two E! reporters managed to corner the editor for all of 33 seconds.

Sans sunglasses, Wintour was quite smiley and chatty, said nice things about Carey Mulligan and Baz blah blah but when asked at the very end who intimidates her (good question!) she laughed and said "Oh everybody." (See video here.)

We somehow kinda doubt that--this is a woman who rubs shoulders with the President and the Mayor and instills fear in most designers and editors--but it's nice to hear.

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Anna Wintour, just like us? Eh, probably not.