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Beauty Tips We Learned from Our Moms

Moms just know.

To celebrate Mother's Day (which is next Sunday, so don't forget to call your mom!), we've asked tons of people in the fashion and beauty industries for the most memorable beauty tip their moms ever gave them. Our moms are our first teachers after all. While we got some traditional mom-isms like, "Always wash your face!" we got plenty of unique bits of wisdom, too. (There are also a disproportionate amount of women who learned to worship at the altar of Clinique's Three-Step System thanks to their moms.)

Click through to see what Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger, Pat Cleveland, Doutzen Kroes, Aerin Lauder and tons more (including Fashionista editors) learned from their moms.

Jerry Hall: "My mother was very keen on olive oil. Rubbing olive oil all over your hair and your skin--that was one of her big beauty tips and I still do that. Every now and then I just pour it on and leave it during the summer. Just give it a good soak. I mean, you can't do it all the time, but every now and then I do."

Georgia May Jagger, Model (and daughter of Jerry Hall): "Red lipstick. Me and my sister love red lipstick. That's something that [my mom] passed on to us. I guess full hair—we all love having long hair. [She uses] avocado oil and olive oil on her hair—that's quite a good one, kind of a cheap thing to do. Another thing would be to put lip balm on your teeth to stop the lipstick from going on your teeth."

Pat Cleveland, Model: "My mother—well, I'll tell you a funny story. I had an aunty that was a dancer and she used to travel in Europe in the '40s. So when I was a little girl she used to cut off tips of my hair, and at night she would take clear finger nail polish and put the tips of that hair of mine on the edge of her eyelashes. Yes. And then the next day she'd have really long eyelashes and she said, 'Oh, I hope you don't mind but I cut off a little bit of your hair so that I can elongate my eyelashes.' And I remember she was such an exotic person. She used to travel through Europe and she was a dancer, and she always said to me, 'Never take off your eyelashes.' You know, when you're traveling and you're a showgirl, that's something. But she never had to take them off because they were glued on individually with finger nail polish on the ends of her eyelashes." [Editor's Note: OMG.]

Anna Von Ravenstein, Model (and daughter of Pat): "Always put that jojoba oil in your hair. Make sure it's nice and not dry." (Pat Cleveland interjects: "Well, the beauty tip is always take your makeup off at night because you're going to be stuck with it for the rest of your life. You have to wash your face! You have to do it!")

Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative Director of AERIN (And granddaughter of Estée Lauder): “My grandmother always said, ‘You only have one face; take care of it’. No matter how tired you are, cleanse and moisturize, stay out of the sun and drink water.”

Lily Aldridge, Victoria's Secret Angel: “Always wash makeup off at night before bed with a gentle cleanser. And moisturize!!”

Eva Chen, Editor/Writer: "Red lipstick might be a blogger style standby these days but—as usual—my mother was ahead of the curve. Her favorite? Nars Scarlett Empress lipstick. She once bought the whole lot of them at Bendel's after a drought the previous season. It's the perfect blue-red: crisp, bold, and completely gorgeous (just like my mum)."

Doutzen Kroes, Victoria's Secret Angel: “Always eat healthy! Beautiful skin comes from within and you can work out and have lots of facials but if you eat badly neither of those will matter.”

Laurel Pantin, Associate Accessories And Shopping Editor, Glamour: "My mom's best advice is to wear sunscreen on the backs of your hands. She used to waggle her hands in front of my face and say, 'One day your hands will look like this!' She's so beautiful, but she didn't take great care of her skin, and I guess she scared me straight!"

Lela Rose, Designer: "My mother always told me for youthful skin, drink lots of water (never from plastic bottles) and to always take off your makeup before bed. I always use Lancome eye make-up remover and make sure to stay hydrated."

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Luigi Murenu, Celeb and Runway Hair Stylist Extraordinaire: "My mother has very thick hair. She could not really cut shorter hair. She taught me that even if you cut hair short, you should leave a certain softness. No matter what. She's not a hairdresser but she knew! Even if you do a hair cut like Mia Farrow in the 60s, it needs to have that softness. Now I'm a big spokesperson of soft hair."

Lev Glazman, Founder of Fresh Cosmetics: "Growing up in communist Russia, the only fragrance available was Red Moscow. Only the bravest women would find a way to get their hands on a forbidden French fragrance, my mother included. When I was just six years old, I remember going with my mother to the black market so she could get her hands on this fragrance. It amazed me how much she was willing to risk to buy the perfume. This was a defining moment in my life. I realized the importance that fragrance plays in people’s lives and how it can instantly make them happy and feel special."

Ying Chu, Executive Beauty Director, Glamour: “My mother has some great DIY skin secrets. One is to use rice water to rinse your face — she said it would brighten skin and boost clarity. Clearly she was onto something…look at all the rice-infused cleansers and serums now.”

Gabriella Perezutti, Candela Designer: "My mother had four children, including twins, and still to this day she has a really flat stomach. So when I got pregnant with my twins the first thing she told me was, 'The moment you give birth start wearing a girdle for at least a month so that everything goes back into place.' I did exactly this and it worked! One of the few times I actually listened to my mother."

Leah Chernikoff, Editorial Director, "I still use products I learned about from my mom--namely Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (I always used to borrow it from her even when I was too young to need it--I thought it smelled so good and made your skin look so bright and dewy) and regular old baby oil. My mom always uses baby oil as a moisturizer, so I do too. For me it's almost out of laziness--it's so much easier to put on baby oil after a shower instead of applying lots of lotion. But it also works better than lotion, in my opinion. I have dry skin, especially in the winter, and this always does the trick.

My mom also got me started on Clinique's Three Step face cleansing program early on. Taking into account my aforementioned laziness, this one didn't really stick (I just use Cetaphil now and forget to wash my face often), but it did instill a lifelong love for Clinique products."

Hayley Phelan, Former Editor, Fashionista: "My mom is all about being natural, and she definitely passed that 'less is more' ethos down to me when it comes to hair styling and makeup. It's about looking effortless. That being said, she also instilled the importance of a good hair colorist--having the right shade can totally lift your whole complexion and then you can get away with wearing even less makeup."

Cheryl Wischhover, Beauty Editor, Fashionista: "My mom has never worn much makeup except for the occasional rosy-colored nail polish. She won't dye her hair either, and--as someone who doesn't even know what color my real hair is anymore--I totally respect her for that. Growing up she taught me that Noxzema is a medicine cabinet must-have. You can use it for everything from washing your face to putting it on a sunburn. To this day that menthol-y smell reminds me of my childhood bathroom."

Dhani Mau, Senior Editor, Fashionista: "She told me to not wear makeup--but if I do wear makeup (and I often do), to always use a good makeup remover before bed. Now, I literally can't get to sleep if there is still makeup on my face. I can feel it."

Nora Crotty, Editor, Fashionista: "My mum's definitely a minimalist when it comes to beauty--a bit of mascara and eyeliner and she's good to go. She's a lot lower maintenance than I am, which, in all honesty, I hope I eventually pick up. Now that I'm older, we're always reviewing and suggesting products with each other--we're both big into liquid liner. But when I was young, like--middle school and below--she refused to let me wear any makeup (or dangly earrings, or heels for that matter) because they 'looked ridiculous' on girls my age. Of course I was totally resentful and would occasionally sneak on some lip gloss or blue eye shadow from one of those awful makeup kits little girls always get as presents--and my babysitters would give me amazing YM-inspired makeovers--but I'm grateful now that when I was a kid, I looked like a kid. Well, up until 8th grade. And then there was body glitter."

Tyler McCall, Senior Associate Editor, Fashionista: "My mom never really gave me beauty tips! She wasn't really big into makeup. But she did take me to Clinique when I turned 13 so I learned how to apply makeup properly, and she allowed me to get makeup that gave me a 'natural, polished' look. Plus, I obviously got that three step system, which got me in the habit of washing my face nightly."

Lauren Sherman, Editor-at-Large, Fashionista: "My mom struggled with cystic acne as a teenager, and she feared I would suffer the same fate. We didn't have much money, but she took me to the Clinique counter at 15 and bought me the three step system because it was important to her that I knew how to take care of my skin. I've been blessed with fairly good skin, but I also think my mom's encouragement means I never neglected it, either."

Additional reporting by Nora Crotty.