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Chloe Sevigny Lands Vodka Campaign, Tells Us About Her First Time Getting Drunk

Last night, we also caught up with Chloe Sevigny to discuss how her new Absolut Elyx campaign came about--so naturally we talked about the first time she got drunk and puked on her bedroom floor.

Luxury seems to be the new frontier for liquor companies--or at least the newest buzz word.

But what exactly does luxury liquor entail? Well for Absolut Elyx, which launched yesterday, it means it's handcrafted out of a single estate--and helmed by a fashion designer to boot. Johan Lindeberg, the creative director of BLK DNM, is also the creative director of Absolut Elyx--and his first order of business was to shoot pal Chloe Sevigny for the brand's debut campaign, and then throw a party to celebrate it.

We headed down to the star-studded event at the High Line last night to check out the new campaign lensed by Lindeberg and called "Integrity" (because what else would a Chloe Sevigny vodka campaign be called?). We also caught up with Sevigny (clad in Rodarte) to discuss how the campaign came about, why she'll probably never mix alcohol again and what to expect wardrobe-wise from her new crime drama TV show.

Tell us about the campaign. Chloe Sevigny: The campaign I shot with Johan. And he said, he has this idea, he's working with Absolut--he's Swedish and it's a Swedish brand. And they wanted to launch this new luxury....

Sippable vodka, as they're calling it. Which is very delicious. I've sampled it many times--on the shoot actually. I love the history of Absolut campaigns--they're always very innovative and very cool. And [Lindeberg] is like, 'I want to do a modern version update of that.' And I was like, it sounds good. I've never advertised for liquor before--but I like him, I like his aesthetic and his ideas. So here we are.

Do you usually throw back a few drinks to help get going on set? No, that's very rare on set--gotta keep it focused. Really, I was drinking it towards the end.

What's your favorite drink to get you in the mood? Well right now I really like this. Honestly, really, truly I do. I used to drink a loooott of tequila and then you kind of burn out on it and you have to move on, and move back to vodka. And this vodka is so nice. After I drank it on the set I was like I wish they'd send me a box because I would really like to drink it at home.

I'm sure they'll get you one. Hopefully they will soon.

Do you remember your first drink? No, I remember the first time I smoked pot. But I can't really remember the first was probably beer.

What about the first time you were drunk? I remember the first time I was drunk. I was babysitting. It was New Year's Eve. I was with my girlfriend and we just sampled all bits--all different bits from the bar. And then I remember throwing up on my bedroom floor of my mother's house. It was probably 7th or 8th was a nightmare.

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Yikes. It was all the mixing.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up? I'm doing a new TV show. We're shooting in Pittsburgh in September. It's called Those Who Kill.

That's exciting. What's it about? Well, I play a detective.

Whoa, that's kind of a change for you. I think it's going to be good. I think it's going to be a new take on an old genre.

And what's your wardrobe like as a detective. [Laughs] Practical.

Is it like ugly pantsuits? I'm wearing like just jeans and cargo-y kind of things, parkas. It's not very glamorous.

When will it come out? I don't know when it will air--maybe January.

Well, we look forward to seeing you in a cargo pants when it does!

Click through to see the campaign.