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Editor's Pick: Dhani's New Favorite Light Foundation

This stuff does everything and feels like nothing.
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While I'm not a fan of that full-coverage foundation look, I also have never liked BB creams or tinted moisturizers. Both have always just seemed heavy on the moisturizer/other stuff, and light on the tint.

So, I've always a preferred a light foundation for times when I need to look presentable, and I pretty much refuse to use a brand other than Clinique on my relatively acne-prone skin.

After trying the Superbalanced Makeup, and the Stay-Matte Makeup, I'm currently on my third Clinique foundation and it turns out the third time is a charm: the Even Better Makeup SPF 15 is my favorite by far.

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It's super light--I feel like I'm not even wearing makeup; it neither dries out my skin nor makes it oily; and it makes my skin look more even and porcelain-like, and apparently contains ingredients that even out your skin tone so that your skin actually looks better when you're not wearing makeup. It doesn't seem like that would be in Clinique's best interest, but they're just nice like that.

Get yourself a tube here.