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Game of Thrones Fashion Recap: What to Wear to Fight a Bear

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Click through to see all the fashion from the episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Can you believe there are now only three episodes left in this season of Game of Thrones? It seeems like there are quite a few loose ends to tie up--not to mention a lot of weddings. (Dying for some G of T wedding gowns here.)

On the fashion front, in this episode we finally get a good look at Brienne's pink dress (thoroughly ruined by that bear--WTF was that all about?) And Daenerys changed her dress! Not that she doesn't look stunning in blue, but it was nice to see her don something different for a change.

Click through to see all the fashion from the episode.

Margaery Continues Her Love Affair with Cut-Outs:

While the shock of having to marry Tyrion seems to have scared Sansa back into her heavy gowns, Margaery is looking as tarty as ever with her open backed gown and cut-out sides.

Unrelated to the gowns, Margaery really needs to school Sansa more in the ways of men, doesn't she? Also it would be a kindness to let Sansa in on the secret that Loras likes boys, so she won't be sad about not marrying him.

Brienne's Pink Gown:

OK, so the dress is maybe a little old and frumpy, but Brienne's bouffant hair was giving us Tilda Swinton vibes more than ever.

And we love the tender feelings that have developed between her and Jaime. While we were a bit skeptical about Jaime being able to climb out of a bear pit with only one hand, we're so glad he went back to rescue Brienne. She's so much more noble than Cersei.

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Joffrey Preens, Gets His Ass Handed to Him by Tywin:

Joffrey is looking as kingly as ever in his velvet and damask outfit, but he's still a spoiled brat (and also looks like he's maybe wearing too much foundation). Grandpa Tywin gave him a verbal spanking, but Joffrey really needs a literal one.

A Slave Master in Guyliner:

Is this Yunkai lord channeling Jared Leto?

Daenerys in Slave Gear:

Yay, Daenerys finally changed out of that blue dress! Costume designer Michele Clapton told us that Daenerys would be donning the dress and metal collar worn by the slaves of the region to show her support, and she also told us that she snagged and modified a Vionnet dress for Daenerys to wear in one scene. Could this be it? (From Vionnet's spring 2011 collection.) Regardless, we think that metal chokers and huge claw necklaces are going to have a moment this summer.

Missandei Always Looks So Patient:

And here's Missandei in the original version of the slave dress. Daenerys's was definitely a bit more high fashion, with more draping.

Shae Doesn't Want a Stinking Gold Chain:

This scene reminded me of that scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere offers to buy Julia Roberts an apartment. "That's a really good offer for a girl like me."