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Gwyneth Paltrow Can't Stop Talking About How Much She Hated the Met Gala

Did someone try to make her eat bread?

Gwyneth Paltrow apparently had a really crappy time at the Met Gala and she's telling anyone who will listen. (Except us--tell us next Gwyn!)

Last week she told USA Today, "I'm never going again. It was so un-fun. It was boiling. It was too crowded. I did not enjoy it at all." Granted, a hot and crowded venue isn't pleasant, but is that a good enough reason to bash Anna's party? (Did she not get her goody bag? Did someone try to make her eat bread?)

Paltrow elaborated a bit more during an interview (lovingly transcribed by The Cut) with two Australian radio DJ's who had won a dinner with the actress in an auction. Here's what she said:

It sucked. It seems like the best thing in the world. You think,'Oh my god, it's going to be so glamorous and amazing, and you're going to see all these famous people.' And then you get there, and it's so hot, and so crowded, and everyone's pushing you. This year it was really intense. It wasn't fun! Kanye West was playing, and he was furious, and he threw his microphone down. It was all drama! I don't know why he was furious. And everyone was dressed in punk ... and I feel that we're all a bit old to be dressed punk, you know what I mean?

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Well, obviously Kanye was furious because he was reading all those mean tweets about Kim Kardashian's floral Givenchy dress. And is that "we're too old to be punk" comment a dig at her ex-BFF Madonna, who definitely took the punk dress code seriously?

Paltrow did have one positive thing to say about the gala, though. She and hubby Chris Martin got to meet and take a picture with PSY (which she thought was pronounced p-s-y) for her kids, so that's something, right?