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Is Something Going on Between Riccardo Tisci and Frank Ocean?

New totally adorable fashion couple alert? We have no idea but Instagram makes it look that way.
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As co-chair of last night's Met Gala, Riccardo Tisci dressed a lot of stars for the big event, from Madonna to Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian.

But did Tisci do more than just dress one of his guests last night (I know, sorry for sounding like such an entertainment news show)? He and Frank Ocean, who looked irresistible in Givenchy, looked pretty inseparable last night, based on the indisputably accurate determinant of reality that is Instagram.

Tisci was Instagramming like crazy all evening; and in addition to some quality shots of Madonna, there were quite a few of Ocean: nine altogether. But, the photo that really got Tisci's Instagram followers commenting was the evening's final shot: a bow tie on a bed, with the caption, "Please don't go........"

Some sample comments: "Werk Frank!" "THEY FUCKED!!!! (Riccardo and Frank)" "Frank Ocean..." "Lol this is totally franks now [sic] tie"

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Etc., you get the point. The assumption being that the bow tie was the one Ocean wore last night and Tisci was imploring him not to go.

The Instagram session was enough to inspire Oh No They Didn't to write, "Fashion's Newest Hot Couple: Frank Ocean + Ricardo Tisci?!" [sic]

Obviously we have no idea what happened, if anything, or how aware Tisci was of how his Instagramming made things look. Maybe he, uh, just didn't want his bow tie to go anywhere?

But if Ocean and Tisci did turn out to be a couple, that would be kind of awesome and we would be really, really excited, because we love a talented power couple and also because, how adorable?

Click through for more of Tisci's Instagram photo shoot with Ocean.