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Julia Restoin Roitfeld Is Not Your Average Mommy Blogger

We caught up with Julia Restoin Roitfeld to chat about her new lifestyle site Romy and the Bunnies, what her mom Carine taught her about style (including the most embarassing outfits mama Carine put her in), and how motherhood has changed her. Just don't call it a mommy blog.

When I saw Julia Restoin Roitfeld yesterday, clad in a Miu Miu white leather crop top and pencil skirt and sky-high Prada platforms for a dinner to celebrate the launch of her new mommy site, "mommy blogger" wasn't exactly the image that came to mind. But, with her new lifestyle site Romy and the Bunnies, named for her one-year-old daughter Romy, Restoin Roitfeld is helping to usher in a new kind of "mommy blog"--one that wants nothing to do with maternity clothes, yoga pants or coupons.

"I was looking at other blogs [before starting my site] and there's so many things out there about pregnancy and motherhood," Restoin Roitfeld told me at an intimate dinner at the NoMad penthouse, thrown by pal Fabiola Beracasa in honor of Romy and the Bunnies. "But it feels like suddenly you step into a different category of woman, and suddenly you're just a mom, and you have to dress differently and wear maternity clothing and it really bothered me."

Restoin Roitfeld, along with Beracasa, and the bevvy of pregnant or recently-pregnant women present last night certainly proved that's not the case. Stephanie LaCava and Kate Schelter proudly showed off their pregnant stomachs in mini dresses and high heels, while Russian Tatler's Anya Ziourova who had given birth just nine days before(!) impressively worked a body-con polka dot dress. Clearly, these kinds of fashion moms haven't given up their stilettos.

"[Motherhood] hasn't change my style in the evening at all," Restoin Roitfeld said. "It changed my style a little bit at home. Because when you're home you get stained right away, so I wear stuff I care less about. And a little less of a heel and less of a short skirt, because if she drops stuff you cannot really bend anymore with a really short skirt on."

Obviously, Restoin Roitfeld had an amazing example in her own mom, Carine Roitfeld. "During pregnancy [my mom] said you need to wear super body conscious stuff, embrace your shape and have fun, don't try to hide it," Restoin Roitfeld said. "You know [my mom's] style didn't change when she became a mother so..."

Not that Carine never made any sartorial mistakes as a mom. "My mom had a lot of fun dressing me and my brother up for school," Restoin Roitfeld said when I asked for her most embarrassing childhood outfit. "She would send us to school with holes in our jeans and the kids didn't really get that. They were like, 'Are you homeless? Can't you afford jeans?' And we were like, 'No it's cool, it's cool, really, we swear.'"

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"When I came up with the idea for Romy and the Bunnies, Fabiola was the first person I thought of interviewing. She was my only friend who was pregnant at the same time," Restoin Roitfeld said. "And then she offered to do a dinner to celebrate the website."

They also helped each other through the post-baby body blues. "I was just telling Fabiola, it takes nine months to stretch and it takes nine months to get back in shape," Restoin Roitfeld said, adding that she didn't stress out about losing the baby weight.

"I think it's just a process of not torturing yourself because if you're living as a tortured person, you're probably not being a good mom," Beracasa said. "I'm almost too busy to worry about something like losing weight. I just want to feel good."

So will the two stylish moms both be raising their kids to love fashion as much as they do?

"I don't victimize the poor child!" Beracasa joked about dressing her son in crazy outfits.

"I have absolutely no idea [what Romy will do when she grows up,]" Restoin Roitfeld said. "But right now, she loves to dance. Maybe she'll be a performer, I have no idea. But right now dancing is her thing."

Is Grandma Carine teaching her ballet? "No, but [Romy] always points her feet. She has like a ballet foot. Maybe that's inherited."

Well, one thing's for sure, Romy is just the latest in a long line of incredibly chic women.