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Lionsgate Launches New Edition of The Hunger Games 'Capitol Couture' Fashion Blog

Wanna see what Effie Trinket's wearing in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?

Dying to catch a glimpse of the visually over-the-top looks in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but can't wait until November? Lionsgate, the studio behind the popular franchise, is continuing the fashion-focused marketing it did so successfully with the first movie: They just launched a new version of the Capitol Couture fashion Tumblr.

Like the previous version of Capitol Couture, it's a pretty clever mix of fantasy and reality. They profile fictional characters from the film, but also mix in actual real-life designers and promotions associated with the film, like the forthcoming Covergirl collection. There are profiles on Tex Saverio (who designed Katniss's wedding dress in the film), Nicholas K (who apparently designed this jacket), menswear designer Juun J., and Trish Summerville, who's the costume designer for the film.

Of course Effie Trinket (played by Elizabeth Banks), gets top billing as the film's resident Capitol fashion fanatic. In a very silly piece modeled on a fashion mag's "day in the life" type profile, the authors follow Effie around on her typical day--and it totally works for us. Sample blurb:

Effie meets with the designer of the dress she’ll be wearing later this evening. The creation is exquisite; a flamingo’s dream of pink ruffles. “It’s a shame I can only wear it once,” says Effie.

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We also got sucked into a feature on fashion from each District and wasted quite a bit of time trying to guess the designers. Let's just say the odds were not in our favor on that one.