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Mad Men Fashion Recap: The Little Red Dress

Click through to see all the fashions from last night and let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments. Spoilers ahead!
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Yesterday's episode of Mad Men was definitely not Mother's Day themed. Two mothers, Sylvia Rosen and Pete's mother, spent the episode locked up in small rooms by the men who control them. Of the other mothers, Joan was taken to the hospital for an ovarian cyst and Betty was M. I. A.

As for the boys, everyone experienced a shockwave of bad luck, from unceremonious firings, office shake-ups, and romantic breakups. You know, usual Mad Men drama.

Click through to see all the fashions from last night and let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments.

Don Don wears only two outfits during this episode, though he does quite a lot of getting into and out of them. In the opening scene, Don is wearing a grey suit, maroon and grey tie, and his now signature beige overcoat. He is wearing this same outfit when he meets Sylvia at the hotel and demeans her in a series of scenes that give Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money and he also wears it when he makes Ted Chaough pretty much OD on scotch. The writers are really hammering home the idea that beneath his stony façade, Don is truly capable of some horrible things.

After Sylvia breaks up with Don, in one of the more intense scenes of this season, Don's wardrobe takes a turn for the darker. He is in a black suit and blue striped tie in the office. Throughout the episode the color blue serves as a reminder of loss or suffering; here, on Don's tie, it's a note of his loss of Sylvia, who, as it turns out, he was falling in love with a little bit, not the other way around as he was worried about.

I think the loss of Sylvia will bring Don to a new low, let's see what happens next week.

Sylvia While everyone wears lots of blues and greens this episode, Sylvia keeps it hot in reds and oranges.

She first calls Don wearing an orange robe and pink headscarf, and later, when she meets him at the hotel, is wearing another orange hued outfit. Her shift dress with orange florals is pretty reserved, and she accessorizes it with a whole heap of jewels, from pearls, to multiple rings, to her diamond cross.

Later, she changes into the red dress Don has delivered to her from Saks Fifth Avenue. Dayum, girl. And underneath is some sexy black lingerie. Double dayum. In the ultimate 'fuck you' to Don, however, she leaves the red dress in the hotel room after they break up. She doesn't want Don or anything that reminds her of him in her life anymore.

Ted For day one at his new firm (which still doesn't have a name?), Ted wears a black suit and copper tie, a color he wears pretty often. As the episode progresses and he gets more and more drunk, he removes his jacket and loosens his tie, looking more like a boy at a frat party and less like the boss.

Ted's descent to Don's level is paralleled in the episode's final scene by the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy represented goodness, hope, optimism during his 1968 campaign, all traits Ted brings to the new SCDP. Let's remember that Ted even once pranked Don by pretending to be Bobby Kennedy on the phone. The death of RFK coincides with the realization that on Mad Men, the good guys won't last.

Don & Ted in the Airplane Ted's second outfit is his pilot look. It is just too good not to have its own slide. He is in complete control in aviator sunglasses, a shearling jacket, and a printed tie, while Don looks like he is going to faint. It's a great moment to see the roles of power reversed, even if it's for a short time.

Peggy Peggy chose her return-to-SCDP outfit very carefully, I imagine. She wears a very simple, light blue suit underneath a beige overcoat with her white hat. Later she removes her coat and suit jacket to show off a matching blue tank. It's pretty slim and sexy compared to some of Peggy's frillier outfits, like, say, the one she wears to confront Don about getting Ted drunk.

There's a lot going on in that outfit, from white piping to a very kinetic print on the skirt. I think it probably represents that Peggy is confused about Ted, about Don, and about her new role at the firm.

Pete Pete bursts into the partners' meeting in a brownish grey three piece suit and beige tie. The suit, which he wears to deal with his mother's arrival, emulates a level adulthood that Pete hasn't yet attained.

The next day, when he's missed the Mohawk meeting, Pete is in a black suit with a light blue tie. In his last scene, Pete is wearing blue striped pajamas when RFK is shot. Pete is just blue all over.

Pete's Mother Pete's mother wears a lot of tiny dizzying prints this episode, perhaps to reflect her loosened grasp on time and place. She always keeps her look upscale with a double strand of pearls, and even wears a satin turban to sleep in.

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Joan Joan wears exclusively blue or green this episode. I always associate green with power on Joan, and the back-alley ways she goes about getting it, whereas I think of blue as kind of a sad color for her.

As she moves in the new hires to their offices, she wears a very flattering cobalt suit with a crazy printed shirt underneath. It's in this outfit she experiences the pains of her ovarian cyst and is taken to the hospital by Bob. She adds a green raincoat for her hospital trip.

After returning home she's wearing a beige robe with blue flowers on it, and later in the office she wears a green vest-and-blouse combo with one of her sculptural gold pins. She's back in charge and saving Bob's job.

Bob Bob is a character who is generally really nice and helpful to everyone on Mad Men, which means he's either about to get written off or he has an exciting backstory that's about to come out.

Sartorially, Bob dresses pretty plainly, in Take Ivy styled outfits and a side part that could rival Stephen Colbert's.

Roger If you thought you didn't see enough Roger, that's because he was busy directing the episode. In his two appearances he looks dapper in a black three piece suit with a paisley tie, and later sans-jacket with a skinny red tie and his specs. Classic Rodge.

Megan Megan, who is so genuine and wants the best for herself and for Don, just can't catch a break. She's married to a monster, and as a result of Don's extended plot line with Sylvia, we barely hear Megan talk at all during the episode. (And when we finally do, she's drowned out by music to reflect Don's waning attention.)

In the first shot of Megan, she is wearing a blue nightie sleeping by Don's side; later she wears a blue embroidered shirt and white trousers to tell him she's decided to take time off work to be with him more. By the time she says the word "vacation," Don isn't listening anymore. In the last scene, Megan, who is also very much like RFK in her optimism, is crying in a yellow slip.

Stan & Ginsberg These two didn't make any efforts to look fancy on the first day of the merger. Both are in rumpled shirts and crazy facial hair. Let's look at the CGC copywriters in comparison...

CGC's Copywriters White shirts, slick ties, brushed hair... These guys are the polar opposites of Stan and Ginsberg. They even take notes during meetings. There is definitely going to be a battle between the creative teams; will Don's messy yet inspired team win over Ted's put together but boring one?

Jim Cutler Jim Cutler is OCD right down to the same motion he is constantly making with his right hand. His outfits are the most consistent of anyone on the show: black suit, skinny, subtly printed tie, and black, plastic glasses. I think he looks great, hopefully he rubs off a little on, say, Pete.

Meredith I love Meredith and her outfits. This week she wears a watercolored neon shift, pearl studs, and a brown bow plopped right atop her bouffant. She's perfect.

Clara Clara, on the other hand, dresses like a hot mess. Her red outfit is like something Lucille Ball wears in a blooper reel of I Love Lucy, and her striped knit suit is just wrong. Neither Pete, nor his secretary have got their outfits together.

Bert Peterson You can only have one Bert on a TV show, meaning Bert Peterson got the boot for the second time this episode. The blue suit was pretty much a give away he wasn't going to be staying long; everyone at SCDP has moved onto grey.