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Nicolas Ghesquière Wants to 'Put Himself in Danger' with His Next Project

The former Balenciaga designer reveals a bit more about what he plans to do next.
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It's pretty unusual for a fashion designer--much less an unemployed one--to nab the cover of a magazine. But former Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquière covers two in the same month.

Of course, conventionality isn't something he seems too concerned with right now.

In his cover story for the debut issue of insidery fashion magazine System, Ghesquière opened up about his departure from the iconic French fashion house. And in the latest 032C, the Berlin-based culture magazine which he covers with his muse Charlotte Gainsbourg, he does more of the same--revealing a bit more about what he plans to do next.

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While Ghesquière doesn't confirm rumors that he may start his own line at LVMH, he does say, according to WWD who excerpted the story, “I’m preparing something, but I have choices to make. I will announce something when I am ready."

Those choices seem to revolve around how traditional he wants his next business to be.

Now is my time to question interseasonality — it’s always the opposite season somewhere in the world — and fashion’s need to be global while respecting the environment and local cultures and of course the usual six-month cycle for collections. I may decide to fulfill that mission again, and I’ll enjoy it as I always have. Another part of me absolutely wants to break these rules. I may be putting myself in danger, but that’s what I want these days. I enjoyed years of extreme comfort at Balenciaga. It’s fantastic to harvest that status to explore in new ways, rather than sticking to a routine, even if it was the most comfortable and incredible, I couldn’t be in a better position.

Designers often lament both the demands and the effectiveness of the traditional fashion cycle--but few ever break it. Could Ghesquière be the one to pull it off? It certainly isn't up to us, but he definitely has our vote of confidence.