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Get Your Nails Ready for Summer

The average woman buys 11 bottles of nail polish per year, according to a recent WWD article. Not anywhere close to that number yet? Then it's time to get shopping, because the summer launches are here.

The average woman buys 11 bottles of nail polish per year, according to a recent WWD article. Not anywhere close to that number yet? Then it's time to get shopping, because the summer launches are here.

If the spring nail polish collections were all about candy colors, summer is about brights and neons--perfect for a pedicure.

Click through to see all the new offerings from our faves like Chanel, Essie, Maybelline, Deborah Lippmann and tons more.

Essie Naughty Nautical

Vibe: Founder Essie Weingarten was inspired by "breezy chiffon cover-ups and cashmere pastel evening looks" for this nautically-themed collection. This is a quintessential summer collection, and one of our favorites that Essie's done in recent seasons. All of the colors have the barest hint of shimmer except for the lime green, which is creamy.

Colors: (Clockwise from bottom left) The Girls Are Out, Rock the Boat, the More the Merrier, Full Steam Ahead, Sunday Funday, Naughty Nautical

Buy It: Available in June.

Maybelline Polka Dots

Vibe: Maybelline is taking on the speckle polish trend with its new line of polishes which contain different sizes and colors of round, matte particles. We really like their version of the trend, especially in black and white--very Jackson Pollack-y.

Colors: Blue Marks the Spots,Clearly Spotted, Dotty, Drops of Jade, Pretty in Polka (a fuchsia, not shown)

Buy It: Available in July, $3.99 each.

Deborah Lippmann Mermaids

Vibe: Definitely mermaid-y, this collection was inspired by last year's super popular "Mermaid's Dream" (center). There are different sized glitter particles suspended in the polish, so you get a bit of that palpable texture that is so hot right now.

Colors: Do the Mermaid, Million Dollar Mermaid, Mermaid's Dream, Mermaid's Kiss, Mermaid's Eyes

Buy It: Available here, $19.

Orly Mash Up

Vibe: This collection wins for best color names hands down--love the oxymoron theme here.

Colors: Choreographed Chaos, Harmonious Mess, Mayhem Mentality, Sparkling Garbage, Pretty-Ugly, Beautiful Disaster

Buy It: Available here, $8.50.

MAC Temperature Rising:

Vibe: Very sparkly. Very.

Colors: Scorching Haute, Tropical

Buy It: Available here, $18.

Zoya Stunning & Irresistible

Vibe: Zoya always does dual collections of similar colors--one cream and one shimmer/metallic--and it's no different this summer. We love the juiciness of these colors. "Stunning" is the cream collection and "Irresistible" is the metallic.

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Colors: (From left to right, top to bottom) Darcy, Thandie, Micky, Kerry, Amy, Tinsley, Yana, Josie, Rocky, Bobbi, Hazel, Ricki

Buy It: Available here, $8.00.

LVX Summer 2013

Vibe: This new-ish vegan line (they just celebrated their first anniversary) is pretty luxurious. For this season they were inspired by the likes of Valentino, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and Givenchy.

Colors: Modena, Rive, Mynt, Chambord, Deco, Celeste

Buy It: Available here, $16.

RGB Summer 2013:

Vibe: The pearlescent bright colors have amazing color payoff. Fuchsia has had a permanent place on our pedis the last few weeks.

Colors:Cerulean, Fuchsia, Monarch, Pansy, Tropics (deep green, not shown)

Buy It: Available here, $16.

Chanel Papillon:

Vibe: The whole Chanel summer makeup collection was inspired by butterfly wings. We think the polish looks rather peacock-ian, too.

Colors: Azure, Bel-Argus, Lilis

Buy It: Available here, $27.

Dior Bird of Paradise:

Vibe: Very tropical and very, very green.

Colors: They're sold in "mini" pairs, Samba and Bahia.

Buy It: Available here, $29/pair.

Ciate Sun Catcher Collection:

Vibe: A beachy party. The Afterglow Topcoat makes them glow in the dark at night.

Colors: Afterglow Topcoat, Mango Martini, Palm Tree, Pool Party, Raspberry Collins, Red Hot Chili

Buy It: Available July, $15.

Dermelect Fearless Beauty

Vibe: The line contains "anti-aging" ingredients like peptides. Bright, creamy, sophisticated colors.

Colors: Renegade, Buzz-worthy, Fearless, Moxie

Buy It: Available here, $14.