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Get Real-Life Advice from Rebecca Minkoff at Fashionista's First-Ever Conference

More details on Fashionista's first-ever conference!

I'm so excited that Rebecca Minkoff and her brother/business partner, Uri Minkoff, will be at the Dream Hotel on June 21 for Fashionista's first-ever conference. Over the past decade, the Minkoffs have built a global brand that includes handbags, shoes and now ready-to-wear. And they're opening up to our audience about how they did it.

Almost three years ago, when I was editing Fashionista with Leah, we held a panel discussion in a lecture hall at NYU. Despite it being our first attempt at an event and really having no idea what we were doing, we got some great panelists to join us, including Rebecca. While the other panelists—Timo Weiland, Shipley & Halmos, the guys from Odin, to name a few—were all equally impressive, no one inspired the audience as much as Rebecca. The feedback was so strong, that we asked Rebecca to do a live chat with Fashionista readers the following spring. She had plenty of advice to give, including tips on raising money, networking and being good to your customers.

Years have passed, and Rebecca is still a massive inspiration to our readers, so we've asked her to delve even deeper.

We hope you can join Rebecca and Uri in New York City on June 21—the advice they'll be sharing is beyond valuable. Click here to sign up!

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