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Revenge Costume Designer Breaks Down the Characters' Style

Excited for tonight's Revenge finale? The costume designer for one of our favorite prime time soaps answers all of our questions about the characters' stylish and red-heavy wardrobes.
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There's perhaps been no better depiction of wealthy, Hamptons-dwelling socialites than on Revenge--the prime time soap that I may or may not have watched an entire season of in a single weekend.

I feel like the show succeeds sartorially because its characters don't look gaudy or overstyled to Gossip Girl levels--they look fairly realistic (for, you know, rich people), with a little extra polish.

This is all thanks to costume designer Jill Ohanneson, whose very long list of previous credits includes everything from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to Six Feet Under to 2011's The Event. She, like Pretty Little Liars costumer Mandi Line, is also a Style Ambassador for Get This, an online platform that allows people to shop what they see on TV.

We chatted with Ohanneson about that, dressing 50+ stars like Victoria Grayson, always stylish Ashley Davenport, and the rest of the always-up-to-no-good gang. Read on for our interview.

Tell us about Get★This and becoming one of their Style Ambassadors

It aligns well with what I am doing on shows by bringing access to the fashion directly to viewers. I feel strongly about being able to share my tricks, how-to’s, Q&A, and styling tips with viewers. Usually only the actors I dress get access to the secrets I’ve learned over the years working as a Costume Designer!

Get★This allows viewers to purchase fashion and other items they see on TV. When the app launches, you’ll be able to shop live or in-sync… it blows my mind.

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On the show Revenge, Madeline Stowe’s character Victoria Grayson and other 50+ stars always look amazing. Can you tell us what you are going for with her style? Are there any challenges presented dressing the 50+ set, and what can real 50+ women learn from her style? Victoria’s style communicates she has style and money; she never has to wear a dress twice. Like Victoria 50+ women, like myself, can still look sexy and beautiful. You just have to focus on your assets and decrease your liabilities! Hopefully her fashion can inspire women her age to enhance their beauty and style.

Another big style star is Ashley. How would you describe her style? What does it say about her? Her character is stylish and trendy with an edgy vibe. She is from New York, so I wanted to bring that to her style on the show and into the Hamptons environment that is a little conservative. She is more daring with her fashion choices and mixes patterns and textures.

Wealth is obviously part of the show, and the characters are often sporting designer gear. What is the most expensive item that a character has worn on the show? A few come to mind, but the most expensive was the $100,000 worth of Samira 13 pearls worn by Victoria, her Vera Wang wedding dress that was $12,000, and a Burberry laser-cut leather trench coat that was around $8,000. Some designers loan us items while others we purchase.

Red is a big color on the show. Is there a reason why you chose to dress the show’s stars in red dresses for big scenes? Red is a power color! When an actress is in red, it signifies a moment of impact. When the actors are dressed in red, the purpose is to stand out. Whether it is to convey Victoria as the Queen of the Hamptons or to amplify Emily’s walk down the pier to Daniel, red creates the drama needed for the scene.

What is your favorite item Emily has worn? This season it would have to be the emerald-green Alexander McQueen dress! I also loved the cream dress with navy piping from Rachel Roy!

Click through for some of our favorite looks from the season.

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