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How to Get Hair Like Your Favorite TV Heroines

Dying to try out a complicated Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen braid or get that flowy Russian spy mane that Keri Russell sports in The Americans? Whether you're a vintage maven like Megan Draper on Mad Men or a modern New Girl, YouTube has you covered.
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We watched the finales for New Girl, Scandal, and The Office (sniff) this week. Between finale season and upfront season (where networks present their potential new shows to advertisers and analysts), the small screen is taking center stage right now.

TV is arguably better than it's ever been, and so are its characters's hair. And YouTubers, those die-hard denizens of DIY, have noticed. You can look like any of your favorite leading small screen ladies thanks to the high-quality tutorials that are out there.

Dying to try out a complicated Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen braid or get that flowy Russian spy mane that Keri Russell sports in The Americans? Whether you're a vintage maven like Megan Draper on Mad Men or a modern New Girl, YouTube has you covered. Click through for 10 tutorials.

Game Of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen: Want to channel the newly-badass Daenerys Targaryen by recreating one of her elaborate braided updos? This tutorial’s all you need. It’s unique because the YouTuber is demonstrating how to do the ‘do herself, while giving us an excellent view of the intricate detail that goes into this on the back of her head. She breaks down the steps clearly and slowly enough that you can keep up easily, despite the look being comprised of multiple complicated braids. How she does this without an elaborate mirror setup is beyond us. But it’s impressive. {Cerinebabyyish}

Nashville’s Rayna Jaymes: Connie Britton’s hair is arguably the best character on the show--it even spawned its own Twitter account and a blog. Any country singer worth her hairspray requires a major mane and Rayna Jaymes’s never disappoints. Here, WSJ’s Elizabeth Holmes models for hair expert Ilda Plaka at Salon Ziba, who creates undulating waves with a flat iron. Plaka uses a cool technique not unlike curing ribbon on a gift to yield Rayna's voluminous, shiny waves. {WSJDigitalNetwork}

Mad Men’s Megan Draper: Zou bisou bi-’do. Megan Draper’s iconic sixties screen siren look is pretty timeless. In this video, stylist Stephen from the Smooth You salon in London, shows you how to emulate all of the poufy ‘60s glamour of a Mad Men gal in a really modern way.


Scandal’s Olivia Pope: On Thursday nights at 10pm, our Twitter feeds are entirely #Scandal consumed. To score a scandalous style like Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope, this how-to by salon owner Nadia Vassell provides easy-to-follow steps and product recommendations from Mizani. {NadiaVasellBeauty}

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House Of Cards’ Claire Underwood: Is anyone on earth doing minimalism as well as Robin Wright’s character on House Of Cards? The neutral tones, the simple square-neck dresses, the nonchalant pixie ‘do... it’s all divine. In this short hair tutorial, Nicole with Ford Models shows how you can style short, fine hair. {Hairloverdotcom}

New Girl’s Jess: Who’s that girl? It’s you, if you do this hair tutorial. Jen and Danielle of Daniellisms show you how to create the hair, makeup and fashion looks of New Girl Jess. (Although this may soon be obsolete if Zooey Deschanel is growing out her bangs, as has been rumored.) Here, Danielle shares how to hold the curling iron upside down and wind the hair around the clamp to avoid too “prommy” a wave. {Danielleisms}

The Americans’ Elizabeth Jennings: Keri Russell’s TV characters’ hairstyles can make or break a show--let’s not forget that ratings plummetted when Felicity chopped off her curls. This time, on The Americans, girl is making up for that hair mishap in spades. In this tutorial, Teena Marie teaches you how to curl hair in big, voluminous loose waves using a flat iron. It’s straightforward--no soundtrack or frills--but an excellent how-to, including product recommendations. {Loveteenamarie}

Pretty Little Liars’ Hanna Marin: This tutorial gives you all the tools for creating a long-lasting beachy wave look like the one Hanna sported in the season premiere of the show. YouTuber Rachel breaks down the tools and steps you need to channel Hanna and shares great tricks like using a spray starch from Redken to help hold curls for the long haul. {Rachhloves}

Modern Family’s Gloria Pritchett:

Sofia Vergara’s character’s mega mane is nearly as popular as her hilarious mispronunciations on the show (she once used “old tomato” in lieu of “ultimatum”). Here, hairstylist Amy Panero uses a multi-curling-iron technique to create customized coils like that of the Colombian beauty’s. Panero shares a great tip for recreating the look at home: Keep elbows low when curling your own hair to minimize stress on the shoulders. {MahaloStyleAndBeauty}

Homeland’s Jessica Brody: We can’t explain why Jessica calls her husband by their shared last name, but we can get behind that phenomenal pixie cut she had. To style a cropped coif like hers, vlogger Lyndsay Johnson uses a cocktail of products to create a subtly spiky style. In just a little over eight minutes, she teaches us how to take a pixie from wet to set and includes cool tips like brushing the opposite way you usually part while blow-drying for stiffer texture. {Lyndsay Johnson}