Finally: a cool rain jacket. With Stutterheim’s “Arholma,” the moat between the classic elegance of a British Barbour, or everyday trench and the sporty utility of a Fjallraven has dried up.

We liked these before he wore it, but Kanye West was recently spotted wearing one of Stutterheim’s gorgeously minimalist and heavy duty raincoats, presaging a trend that will no doubt take better hold than his leather skirts.

West is wearing the Arholma Svart coat, a $735 hand-sewn, Gore-tex-free, 100% wind and waterproof rain jacket—each coat is numbered by its seamstress—that sets an impressive new standard at the nexus of utilitarian and fashionable. For a certain set of urban-dwelling gentlemen (a similar “Stockholm” version of the coat is available for the slightly more digestible $315), Stutterheim’s matte black could not only solve a sartorial conundrum, but could become the new thing to have.

“The classic raincoats from the '60s were eclipsed by the leisure wear with high technical goretex materials in the '80s. And the focus became 100% function instead of fashion,” says Alexander Stutterheim, who based his designs on his grandfather’s fishing jackets. “His coat from the '60s is way cooler than other rain gear my friends and I have used the last 30 years. So I tried to update it.”

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He made his revisions with the city, not Sweden’s fjords, in mind. The jacket is designed to “protect your outfit in style when the skies open,” says the designer, allowing for exceptions, in that people, like Kanye, wear the jacket when there’s no rain in sight.

Imposing, sleek, and monochromatic--it’s no wonder. This is an impressive garment. Makes us wonder what else Stutterheim has up his Scandinavian sleeve. He’s launched handmade rubber boots, socks, a cape and some umbrellas. But he refuses to work with fashion’s seasons, instead looking to add items that will be iconic, not trendy.

This isn’t to say there isn’t more to look out for: “This fall I will add color,” he allows. “And a new mac model.”