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Band of Outsiders Does Away With Confusing 'Boy,' 'Girl' Labels

Band of Outsiders has undergone a big branding change. Plus, peep the super cute Resort collection.
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While, aesthetically, Band of Outsiders has become known for its unfussy, classically stylish and well-tailored wardrobe staples, its branding has, in some ways, been a little overwrought--at least comparatively.

When creative director Scott Sternberg launched a womens counterpart to his menswear line, Band of Outsiders, in 2008, he named it Boy. by Band of Outsiders. Which is perhaps not the most straightforward name for a women's line--even if it was largely menswear-inspired.

Then, in 2010, he decided to launch a second, more feminine womenswear collection called Girl. For some, this made things a bit more confusing--what made it different from Boy? Was it in place of Boy? Was it a diffusion line?

During fashion weeks, he would vary between showing just Band and Boy, just Boy, Boy and Girl, and Band, Boy and Girl.

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Basically, the naming of the brands became a pretty unnecessary--if quirky--source of confusion and complication, which is almost ironic considering the comically exaggerated straightforwardness of other Band of Outsiders branding (A sign outside of the showroom reads, simply, "This is where you should be for Band of Outsiders."). So, when we walked into Band's NYC showroom yesterday to checkout the Resort 2014 womenswear collection, expecting to find Boy on some racks, and Girl on others, we were surprised to find neither. Everything was just Band of Outsiders, and will continue to be going forward, we've learned.

BOO die-hards needn't worry--the name is truly the only thing that's changed. A section of the resort collection stayed true to the ultra-feminine, ethereal, Virgin Suicides-y direction Girl has always followed; while perfectly tailored blazers, trousers and button downs were unmistakably Boy.

The Resort collection had a late '80s/early '90s feel (Images of The Breakfast Club, Kim Gordon and a young Madonna could be found on the mood board) with lots of pinstripes, modest shoulder pads, fun Japanese-inspired prints, and some badass leather bombers. A pinstriped, bold-shouldered double-breasted romper was among our favorite items--Lauren says the shoulder pads alleviate the "how old is too old to wear a romper" problem and I agree. Anyway, click through for the full look book.

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