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Cher Lloyd Makes Style Mood Boards, Follows Style Bloggers

British pop star Cher Lloyd loves following style bloggers, hates it when she starts trends.
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British pop star Cher Lloyd doesn't consult magazines to inspire her quirky, hip hop glam style. "I feel that it's just easier and more convenient to do it via the Internet than looking at magazines," she confessed to us inside her executive suite at the London Hotel. "I'm an Instagram person because I can see where it's coming from. Style bloggers are definitely important to me."

We got a chance to talk with the 19-year-old singer at the launch of her new single, "It's All Good." Co-written with Ne-Yo and sponsored by Fruttare Ice Cream, the song could be Lloyd's big chance at cracking the elusive US Billboard charts.

But back to fashion. Lloyd dished that there's one blogger in particular who inspires her wardrobe-wise--though she wasn't as quick to dispel whom. "I'm obsessed with her, she's amazing," says Lloyd. "She puts together these little outfits and I take inspiration from her. And she's really, really good."

Well, if Lloyd wouldn't dish on which blogger she's into, she was happy enough to spill about her style, how annoying it is when she starts a trend and can't wear it any longer, Miley Cyrus's new look, and how one surprising rapper inspires her sartorially.

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You've become a style icon in your own right. Is it you or your stylist? I have a stylist but I make all the lookbooks. I do all the mood boards all by myself for everything. I create more work for myself. I feel like if I don't do that, then my style becomes someone else's style that they've put together for me. Everything I wear is picked by me.

You're a trendsetter--where do you shop? I don't like dressing in just Topshop, I don't want every girl in the front row looking exactly like me. So I have to shop online, really, at boutique stores. Online there are the best places to shop because they have limited amounts of items. In other situations I'll take jewelry and I'll say, "Okay, put it on this shirt, sew this onto that to make it original."

Does seeing your fans looking exactly like you become annoying? It's very difficult because on the show [X Factor] I did the little headband thing with a scarf, folded it and tied it in my hair. When I started wearing it on the show, everyone started wearing it. Then I was like, okay, now I'm going to have to leave that behind. It's this vicious cycle where you start a trend and then need to leave it behind.

Who in the pop culture universe inspires you style wise? Someone I've been really interested in is Wiz Khalifa. His style is great, it's amazing. I know I'm a girl, but I definitely rock his stuff.

What about Miley Cyrus these days, you digging her? She's doing great! She's taking a risk, being ballsy, and it takes a lot to do that. She has the body for it, come on! She's doing great and she's lucky to have such a nice face. If she was dressed like a bubble gum princess no one would want to talk about her. She's doing good, real good.