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Chrissy Teigen Talks Twitter Regrets

Amidst the actual circus enviro that was Coach's annual Summer Party on the High Line, we managed to wrangle in model Chrissy Teigen for a few minutes to talk about her Twitter regrets, her elaborately braided 'do, and what it's really like to get interviewed by Oprah.
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Last night's annual summer party on New York City's High Line--an abandoned, elevated railroad track converted into a sprawling, artfully landscaped park--was an absolute circus. No, but really: Hosted by Coach (which donated no less than $5 million to benefit the park--not too shabby), the event was a carnival themed fun house.

"Step right up--prepare to be amazed and amused" the invite teased, and it wasn't kidding. Between the jugglers, contortionists, a fortune teller, a dunk tank (well equipped with some model-esque men ready to get wet, thankyouverymuch), and DJ Kiss presiding over the whole scene with an epic selection of '80s pop, it was pretty impossible not to have at least a bit of fun. Cater-waiters wearing suspenders and straw boat hats served up aptly named cocktails (ex: "The Bearded Lady' and "Lizard Boy") and gummy hotdogs.

An A-list roster consisting of Katie Holmes, Anna Kendrick, Connie Britton, and Naomi Watts indulged in their own idea of fun, sitting on plush couches in a well-guarded VIP area before taking off just as the sun was setting. One celeb who was certainly whooping it up (and happily mingling amongst us plebs)? Model Chrissy Teigen. We managed to wrangle her in for a few minutes to talk about her Twitter regrets, her elaborately braided 'do, and what it's really like to get interviewed by Oprah.

First things first: How long did it take to get your hair done tonight? Oh god and it's half my hair, too! We started at five-ish? And then... what time is it now?

It's 8:25! The thing about it is, though, my hairstylist is so fantastic. He just asks, "What do you want to do today?" and I go, "Whatever you want!" And he just goes off. It's pretty amazing.

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So, Twitter: How often do you end up deleting your tweets because they wind up causing some sort of upset? (Teigen has recently been involved in Twitter spats with Amanda Bynes and Jennifer Lopez's people.) You know what? I'm starting to realize that deleting doesn't really do very much because, obviously, people can just screen grab things you say. Sometimes I say something and I wholeheartedly stand behind it--but you delete it because you don't want to deal with it anymore. This is what I've been doing a lot more lately. You don't want to leave it out there and frustrate more people and frustrate yourself--and it's not because I take back what I said, it's more because I don't want to upset people, and I don't want to feel it anymore.

What was it like to get interviewed by Oprah? (Teigen and fiance John Legend appeared on Oprah's Next Chapter this past weekend.) I mean, that was pretty fascinating. If there was ever a peak in your life, I guess it's that. She's very soothing, and I was having a very rough day then. I was just so exhausted from traveling, recording the show, and I remember walking into my home--walking off the airplane, getting into a car, and then showing up in a house with 70 people in it—-it was very overwhelming for me. I was very nervous to talk with her already, but there is no woman like that. She is so calming and so wonderful and... Oprah! She was Oprah!

Were you hoping she would be like (Oprah voice), "Chrissy Teeeiiiggggeeennn!"? I know! If you watched it at one part I was, like, freaking out. I was checking under my couch for surprises!

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