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Game of Thrones Fashion Recap: Crowd Surfing in a Harness

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Click through to see all the fashion from the season three finale episode of Game of Thrones.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Well, that's officially a wrap: The roller coaster ride that has been Game of Thrones season three is now over. While we'll have to wait another ten months to see what happens next (season four starts shooting in July), in the meantime let's rehash all the fashion in last night's finale episode. Then we we can get all verklempt over the fact that we have nothing to do on Sunday nights now.

Click through to see all the fashion from the season three finale episode of Game of Thrones.

Third Wheel:

Can you say "awkward"? We really feel for Shae, having to be the maid for her lover's hot new wife. But what is this bolero jacket she's wearing here? She usually looks so gorgeous in her flowy halter dress. The jacket actually perfectly matches the foliage in this scene--green and purple. Perhaps the writers are trying to show that Shae should be blending into the background? I don't know, but I'm glad she took it off in later scenes. Dowdy!

Also, kudos to her for flinging that sack of diamonds right back at Lord Varys.

Joffrey Gets Grounded:

They may be the most unloving, sadistic, conniving family on the planet, but they really know how to coordinate their outfits. Nice job, Lannisters. You put my mom's annual Christmas picture to shame.

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Red, Red, and More Red:

When is someone going to drop a house on Malisandre?

Her hair color is divine, though.

Jon and Ygritte's Bad Breakup:

Ugh, so sad about this romance. Ladies, this goes to show that you can be a total tomboy, shoot an arrow better than most guys, rarely wash your hair, and still get the hottest guy in town. (Though he may later completely betray you.) Never change, Ygritte.

Jaime and Cersei's Reunion

Was Cersei happy to see Jaime? Unclear. We can't even imagine what he smells like.

Crowd Surfing:

Just in time for Lollapalooza, Daenerys shows us how crowd surfing should be done--leggings under your dress are mandatory. Also, please note her use of a harness here--it just screams power.