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Gucci Prolongs Legal Battle Against Guess in a Bid to Protect 'Made in Italy'

Nope, the Gucci vs. Guess battle still isn't over.
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Nope, the Gucci vs. Guess battle still isn't over.

With one suit more or less won (in the U.S.) and two still ongoing (in China and France), Gucci has decided not to accept the verdict recently reached in Milan in its trademark suit against Guess over its G pattern logo. According to WWD, Gucci has appealed the Milan court's decision to not only reject its claim that Guess's G pattern was derived from Gucci's, but to also cancel Gucci’s diamond pattern, G logo and “Flora” pattern trademarks.

Gucci said in a statement that, "The appeal is a necessary action to protect its extraordinary historic wealth of iconic distinctive signs, famous the world over and, more generally, to protect the values of creativity and innovation of quality of Made in Italy products."

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This means the suit will go on even longer--despite conflicting claims from both sides that attempts were made to settle out of court--something that would have saved both sides a lot of time and money. Gucci now claims that it has made multiple attempts to resolve the issue with Guess. However, Guess CEO Paul Marciano said earlier in the case that "the three-year battle in New York and four years in Milan was a result of massive and unnecessary litigation that should have been easily resolved with a simple phone call, which Gucci never made."

Hmm. Italian association of luxury goods companies Fondazione Altagamma also commented on the case, pointing out that the proliferation of counterfeit goods is one of many issues plaguing the Italian luxury goods industry, in addition to rising tariffs--an issue that contributed to Dolce & Gabbana's current legal battle over tax evasion--which is expected to come to a head this week.

Looks like 2013 could turn out to be an important year for the Italian luxury market.