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Juicy Revelations from John Galliano's First Post-Scandal Interview

As promised, John Galliano's first interview since a 2010 drunken anti-semitic rant cost him his job and then some, has landed in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. And it's good. Galliano opens up about those anti-Semitic remarks he made, his longtime struggle with drugs and alcohol, how he's making amends, and more.
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Galliano felt that designing Kate Moss's wedding dress saved him:

“Creating Kate’s wedding dress saved me personally because it was my creative rehab. She dared me to be me again.” Moss describes the gown as “absolutely gorgeous, a diaphanous 1920s-type dress, romantic, with gold sequins in the shape of the phoenix—as if he was saying he would rise from this.” She tells Sischy that “when my dad gave his speech he thanked everyone and then he referred to the genius of Galliano, who made his daughter’s dress. Everyone stood up and gave John a standing ovation. It was the most moving thing, because suddenly John realized he wasn’t on his own.”

Galliano's story reads like a perfect--and sad--example of the ugly reality behind an incredibly glamorous facade. Our only question: who's going to make the movie?

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