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Marc Jacobs Responds to Second Kidult Graffiti Attack with Clever Marketing Push--Are They In Cahoots?

We're really confused about what's going on between Marc Jacobs and graffiti artist Kidult.
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As you may have heard, Marc Jacobs's Paris store was tagged Monday by Kidult, the same graffiti artist who tagged the brand's SoHo store last year. This time, he wrote "686" real big, referencing the price of the T-shirt Marc Jacobs sold following last year's graffiti incident, which featured an image of the graffiti'd SoHo store, as sort of an eff you to the artist. Or so it seemed.

Kidult, who has previously tagged the storefronts of both Celine and Hermes, tweeted an image of his work Monday at around 11am EST, writing, "680? 689?...686?! How much are you going to sell this for? #kidultarmyparis #thisisnotart."

Once again, Marc Jacobs responded to the graffiti artist's attack with humor, tweeting to his followers: "Come by Paris Collection for the opening night installation of the new @therealkidult. We proudly support the arts." Later that same day, Marc Jacobs tweeted images of new T-shirts screen printed with the above image, to be sold at the store for $686 "unsigned" and $430 "signed." Which is confusing for several reasons: Why is the signed version cheaper? Who signed them? Is this a joke?

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Then, yesterday at around 5pm EST, Marc Jacobs International tweeted several photos of Marc Jacobs employees, including Robert Duffy, sporting baseball caps with the numbers "686" written across them in the same color and style as the graffiti. "Celebrating @therealkidult in #Paris tonight. Our hats off to you," the brand tweeted, cleverly.

We have to say though--Marc Jacobs came up with those T-shirts and hats alarmingly fast. Is it possible that Kidult and the MJ team were working together on this as an artsy publicity stunt? We can't tell!

We've reached out to Marc Jacobs and will report back when we know more.

Et toi, Kidult?

Update: According to a rep for Marc Jacobs, the hats will be sold as well, starting Friday, at the Paris store. Fun!