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Scarlett Johansson Covers the First Issue of Vanity Fair France

Johansson may not actually be French, but the French seem to love her.
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With the announcement of a new French edition of Vanity Fair came the promise of a new level in taste, sophistication and style--at least in our minds.

In reality, it's probably on the same level as American Vanity Fair, just in French.

The Conde Nast glossy has tapped Scarlett Johansson for what is said to be the inaugural issue. (It's a little confusing--a cover believed to be the first, featuring a recycled image from Kristen Stewart's Vanity Fair U.S. spread, was making the internet rounds last month. However, it was never confirmed by the magazine.)

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Johansson may not actually be French, but the French seem to love her. She's dating Romain Dauriac, a French creative agency manager, and thus splits her time between France and the U.S.

Vanity Fair France's editorial director Michel Denisot said in a press conference that “she has every quality imaginable--the elegance, beauty, wit and impertinence that would make her a perfectly decent Parisian if she decides to move permanently into the apartment she has bought in Paris not far from here."

There is something vaguely French about her and she definitely looks super hot--and very French--on this cover.

As for what's inside the glossy, according to WWD, fashion director Virginie Mouzat (formerly of Le Figaro) styled a spread inspired by Balthus paintings. There's also a story about how Diana Vreeland's son Nicholas Vreeland became an advisor to the Dalai Lama.

We won't be reading any of that, since it's in French, but we do look forward to seeing more of Mouzat's fashion spreads.