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The Top 25 Trends from the Resort Collections

Click through to see our comprehensive guide to all the trends and takeaways from Resort 2014.

Resort 2014's girl was blissfully bipolar, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! She was a little “femme” and little “borrowed from the boys;” she wore a lot of black and, a lot of white; she was a little flou and even a little flashy (gold, python, and citric camo print fur!). Whether flitting about in a diaphanous, caftan-inspired maxi dress or affecting tomboy 'tude in indigo denim, she definitely had a heavy case of wanderlust; her travels took her from Morrocan souks, to sub-Saharan bushwacking, before catching some Tropical waves in seaside Cali towns and South Pacific islands alike. She gave you “dude” in her baggy, long-length shorts, but didn't neglect to give you “dudette” in her daringly leggy minis; get to know both sides of her “boy-meets-girl” story as you click through the slideshow.

Theme: Anchors Away

We all might own several (dozen) mariner-stripe tees, but for resort 2014, some designers offered a literal take on the nautical theme. Wide-leg sailor-inspired pants featured prominently, as did inky navy blues.

Theme: Safari, So Good

Who knew hacking through “the bush” could look this good? This season, the spirit of safari was infused with metropolitan sophistication in a range of tailored materials and a spectrum of neutral hues. We love how this look feels simultaneously of-the-moment and timeless.

Theme: Rock the Casbah

Africa’s Northernmost nations inspired a host of creatives for Resort 2014, resulting in exaggerated djellaba shapes, and Islamic print/pattern motifs. While tailored pieces were part of the trend, the beyond-easy-breezy silhouettes that featured prominently totally won us over.

Theme: Surf's Up

Does the oscillating duo of a thumb and a pinkie (the universal “Chyeah” hand signal of surfers) leave you perplexed? Us too, so don’t feel self conscious. As bonafide landlubbers we may all be faking the “totally tubular” funk here, but we are in love with all the surf and tiki inspired looks we saw for resort. Considering that we aren’t even capable of standing on a surfboard for the six second duration of a Vine, we will be mastering staying on our feet in these looks when the ride gets choppy between Bedford and 1st Ave on the L Train.

Color: Sea and Be Seen

A range of Mediterranean blues signaled a high tide within the cool color spectrum for Resort 2014. An exciting cobalt/royal--refreshingly void of any synthetic 80s sensibilities--stole the show, while fresh turquoise, robin’s eggs, and periwinkles played dynamic supporting roles.

Color: Not-So-Mellow

Buttery and soft or citric and bright, this color range says fun in the sun, through and through.

Color: Girl's Best Friend

No “if, ands, or buts” about it: You are either a “pink person” or you are not. This tone draws a sharp line in the sand, and for Resort 2014 many designer stood confidently on the sweet side of things. Not quite sure where you fall in this debate? We suggest test-driving the “Pepto” pink we saw so much of within the collections via a bold mani-pedi; a week of looking at this color on your fingers and toes will certainly leave its fans sweet, and the (acetone ready) rest sour.

Color: Solid Gold

Not just for evenings out, gold has also gone “day” for Resort 2014. Foil-finishes and liquid textures make the season’s metallics Midas-worthy magic.

Material: Hole-ier Than Thou

In graphic blacks, chalky whites, or the season’s bright colors, textured sheers--like lace and latice-gridded net--move the translucent trend forward for Resort 2014.

Material: Jean Splicing

After a few seasons’ hiatus, denim and denim-toned fabrics of every sort returned in a major way for Resort 2014. Wider legs and darker washes cue a 70’s vibe, while chambray-tone panels get put to use via patchwork’s jean-etic cousin, "indigo blocking."

Print + Pattern: Hiss, Purr, Prowl & Growl

Animal prints (interpreted in black-and-white or earthy neutrals) were unleashed for Resort 2014. The new kids on the block--python, ring lizard, zebra, and gazelle motifs--led the pack.

Print + Pattern: Spotted This Season

You can try to “connect the dots” for Resort 2014, but it’ll be tough: We saw spots of every variety--polka included--throughout the collections. We're excited to try mixing different scales of these prints in one ensemble.

Print + Pattern: Strokes of Genius

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Central in Resort 2014’s “black-and-white” color stories, painterly effects evoke artisan character via small-scale “squiggle prints” and watercolor-inspired brushed motifs.

Detail: The Bolder Shoulder

Attention lands firmly on our shoulders for Resort 2014, as asymmetry, cut-outs and experimental straps move necklines and sleeves to bold new places.

Detail: Pleats and Thank You

Whether of the accordion, knife, or box variety, pleated skirts and dresses (in a myriad of lengths) were everywhere throughout the collections for Resort 2014. These lampshade-silhouette kilts and frocks signal a trend with legs; when Celine (circa Pre-Fall 2013), Proenza Schouler, Fendi, and Valentino are all on a similar page, we can’t help but take note.

Styling: Can You Handle the Mandal?

Once upon a time, we lived by a “the more delicate, the better” credo in regard to warm weather’s chosen shoe, the sandal. But Resort 2014 has us considering all sorts of Dad-inspired variations (thick soles, broad straps and all!). These borrowed-from-the-boys styles juxtapose brilliantly with '40s frocks and floaty slip dresses, but the best thing about them is how they bring a totally chill, “spa day” attitude with them wherever they go.

Item: The Long and Short of It

Are they short pants, or long shorts...#shants?...#ports?...#coulouzers?...#shlacks? Okay--we’ll press pause on trying to coin the hashtag for the season’s newest full-legged bottom, but seriously...what should we call 'em?

Item: Crazy Legs

In a season of subtle restraint, Resort 2014 slim pants had a lot to say. In defiance of the easier full-legged styles that gained momentum this season, these skinnies amped the print and pattern and snagged a ton of attention in doing so.

Item: All for One

Jump(suit) to it! No time like the present (or Resort 2014 to be more specific) to give a full-on jumpsuit a spin. Check out our breakdown of “best practices” here.

Item: This Year's Crop

Yep...we know...we’re still processing this one too...over a donut, actually...

Item: Shifts in Opinion

Last season, the sheath dress (in all her painted-on, seductive glory) took center-stage, but she’s been given a run for her money throughout the Resort 2014 collections.

Item: Frock of Ages

Channel your inner Talitha Getty (or your inner Kenya Moore) for Resort 2014, via floaty voluminous twirl!

Item: The Grand Canyon

Maxi-length skirts with molto-sexy, high slits swept the Resort 2014 collections, offering a cool new way to pack something versatile and polished for getaway travel. We think a black version will pair just as beautifully with a gauzy, roll-sleeved, cotton tee for day as it will with a bare, silk top for evening--making it a new must-have.

Item: Mod Squad

These mid-century-inspired “mini-suits” make us wanna hop on a Vespa (or a Citibike) and toot around town on a wacky day-long date...(copied and pasted from our OK Cupid profile)...yeah, love these suits.

Item: Simpler Times

Giving the trenchcoat a necessary rest, the chic and retro “Balmacaan” emerges as a key transitional outerwear piece for the season. Swing shapes, collarless necklines, and feminine prints bring a ladylike retro-'50s charm to many styles.