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Anna Wintour Can't Wait to Put President Hillary Clinton on the Cover of Vogue

It sounds like Hillary Clinton could be on her way to scoring her second Vogue cover--all she has to do is become President.
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Anna Wintour had more to say on that Presidential endorsement she offered up at Monday night's opening of the Oscar de la Renta exhibition, hosted at the Clinton Presidential Center.

"All of us at Vogue look forward to putting on the cover the first female president of the United States," Wintour told the audience, who responded with the greatest applause of the evening, WWD is reporting.

And it turns out that the exhibition itself was the brainchild of Clinton, who has been friends with de la Renta for years (the Clintons even vacation with the designer). "This was actually Hillary’s idea," he told the trade. "Originally, I thought it was going to be about dresses I had done for first ladies or dresses I have done for Hillary, and they said, ‘No, no, no, this is going to be a retrospective of your work.’"

With this Hillary love-fest happening, it sounds like Bill might be feeling a bit left out. "I never got to wear one of [de la Renta's] dresses," he joked.

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But don't worry--de la Renta also praised the former President, lauding his mad card playing skillz. He taught the designer how to play a game called "Oh Hell," and if de la Renta is to be believed, Clinton "plays far better than anyone else" even while doing other things, like watching TV or reading the newspaper.

"This year in March we had a tournament and I won the first prize, but I still have my doubts," the designer said, adding, "I think it was arranged because it was in my house."