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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Getting a Dominican-Style Blowout

Though it has a loyal following, the Dominican blowout has yet to reach the notoriety of say, its Brazilian cousin--mostly because a lot of women don't know how good they are. Lucky you have us to tell you! Click through for five reasons why your next blowout should be a Dominican-style one.
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Hannah Bronfman's recently launched 'Beautified' iPhone app is sure to be a lifesaver for those of us in constant need of quality, last-minute salon services. But if your mobile phone doesn't boast the Apple logo, where are you to turn when you need to get fresh on the fly? Okay, so we don't have the answers for all your spur-of-the-moment beauty needs, but if you're fixing for a good quality blowout at the eleventh hour, we suggest you high-tail it to your nearest Dominican salon.

The Dominican-style blowout has to be one of NYC's best-kept beauty secrets. It's mainly offered in areas with large concentrations of Dominican people; specifically, Washington Heights, The Bronx, Harlem, Queens, and parts of Brooklyn. While they're starting to gain popularity in the South, Dominican salons have been a staple of NYC women with textured hair for years, particularly for their blowouts.

Plus sized blogger Gabi Fresh became a fan when she moved to Harlem three years ago. She's since moved out of the city, but admits that when she comes back, she is always sure to indulge: "I generally get a wash and set with a blow out," she told us. "I love it because I can get in and out in about 1.5 hours with no appointment. I don't always love the exact styling, but because it's so cheap, it's still worth it to have a great base and then go home and style it how I like."

But even with its approval from women with textured tresses, the Dominican blowout has yet to reach the notoriety of say, its Brazilian cousin-- mostly because a lot of women don't know how good they are. Lucky you have us to tell you! Click through for five reasons why your next blowout should be a Dominican-style one.

1. The price is right: Getting your hair done generally costs more than most of us would ideally like to spend ($0). But you can count on reasonable price points and stellar results when you hit up a Dominican salon. You can get a wash, trim, deep conditioner, and blowout for $25 at most places. Many locations even offer $15 for a wash and set, regular price, with others offering weekly $10 specials.

2. The results are amazing: There is no blowout like a Dominican blowout. If you're looking for high-gloss, feathery, silky, Gone With The Wind-fabulous tresses, this is your best bet. Armed with nary but a blow dryer and round brush, the stylists brush and blow each section of hair until it achieves optimal fluffly goodness. Be warned: the blow dryer is hot, so your stylist will apply a good amount of heat protectant to your tresses first.

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The desired end result, according to 125th st Dominican Style salon stylist Josefina, is "sexy hair [that] you can make work for other occasions."

Gabi Fresh say she leaves with hair that is "really soft and bouncy," after each visit.

3. Great, last-minute service: A lot of other salons don’t accept walk-ins, but Dominican salons are really good about taking customers at a moment's notice. I walked in to my local spot on a busy Saturday, and emerged an hour and a half later with a feathered coif in the tradition of a modern-day Farrah Fawcett. And yes, it held up my entire night out!

4.They can work with any texture hair: The Dominican Republic is a racially diverse island with a wide range of hair textures represented. So whether you’ve got wavy locks or type 4c coils, if you’re looking to get your hair straight—they can do it.

"We work very hard, especially with curly hair to straighten it out," Josefina said.

5. Avanti Silicon Mix: This stuff is a game-changer. This magic hair potion, brewed by Labratorios Rivas in the Dominican Republic leaves your hair feeling spun-from-the-looms-of-the-gods soft and silky. After one three-minute treatment, I couldn’t believe how soft my hair felt—my stylist literally had to pry my hands away from my head. I've only seen this product at Dominican salons, so be sure to ask for the silicon mix on your next visit-- your stylist will know exactly what you're talking about.

Obviously, Dominan salons exist independent of one another and each one is different, so be sure to do a little research on the one nearest you. For the most part, though, you can expect fast service and incredible results when you go for your blowout. Also, keep in mind (especially if you're living in New York,) that these salons are generally in no fuss, no frills locations. If you're the type of gal who likes to sip champagne as you get your hair did, this might not be your thing. But, if you're looking for a quick way to get a fabulous head of hair, and you don't want to pay to much, Dominican salons are a great option. To find a salon near you, visit, for a list of locations across the country.