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Francesco Carrozzini Photographs Mr. Mickey, Joe Zee and Alan Cumming in Their Levi's

The photographer/director discusses the denim icon's new book, 501 Interpretations.

Levi's classic 501 jeans turned 140 this year. To celebrate, the brand is releasing Levi’s® 501® Interpretations, a limited-edition coffee table book featuring hundreds of cool kids—from Cory Kennedy to Billy Idol—wearing the iconic button fly. Fashion photographer and director Francesco Carrozzini—the talented son of Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani—shot a big chunk of the book, mostly focusing on New York's fashion elite, including Paper magazine's editorial director Mickey Boardman and Teen Vogue editor Andrew Bevan. As well as...Alan Cumming. "Shooting photos of Alan Cumming was a really special experience," says the photographer. "[But] they were all amazing in their own way."

Carrozzini, whose denim of choice just happens to be the 501, says he approached the project by "going back to the purity of portrait photography, in-studio, with no gimmicks. I was trying to capture each personality." Elle creative director Joe Zee's smiling face, Bevan's air guitar moment, and Boardman's vogue pose do just that.

Of course, the Levi's book is just one of many projects Carrozzini is currently tackling, including a full-length documentary—he directed a lauded short firm about Jane Austen, of all things, in 2009—and the world of music videos.

Levi’s® 501® Interpretations hits select stores and in early August. Proceeds from the $55 book—of which there are less than 140 available—will benefit students at San Francisco's California College of Art. Click through to get a look of some of Carrozzini's photos, featuring your favorite stylists, writers, and editors.

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