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Hayley's Sports Bra That Could Double As a Top (Maybe)

Can a non-famous person (i.e. anyone who's not Miley Cyrus) get away with wearing a sports bra as a top? Hmm...

The past few months I've been steadily revamping my previously dated--and frankly, pretty ugly--workout wardrobe. Buying these cool new exercise pants from Nike gave me such a lift that I headed back to the store to get arguably the most boring gym wardrobe purchase there is: A sports bra.

But Nike actually found a way to make buying a sports bra an exciting purchase. I fell in love with this one in the anthracite/digital pink print. How cool is it? I get compliments on it every time I wear it. In fact, I'm so into it that I'm debating wearing it as a top, a la Miley Cyrus. What do you think? Can I get away with that (as a non-famous person)? Perhaps with a high-waisted skirt or lounge-y pants. Hmm...

Anyway while the debate wages on in my head, I'll still be sporting it to the gym. Go get it here.

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