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H&M E-Commerce Might Finally Launch in Just a Few Weeks

It's for reals this time.
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It looks like H&M's online store might finally be launching. For reals this time.

Yesterday, we got news that despite being promised e-commerce in the first half of the year, H&M would be delaying its launch yet again, with no date set in sight.

But then, this morning, after tweeted at the retailer for answers, H&M responded:

"@theglamnetwork Online shopping will be available @hmusa in August, stay tuned for further details!"

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Wait, so does this mean we could be getting our $5 t-shirts and $20 dresses fix online in mere weeks? Will it come in time for us to shop the Isabel Marant collection in our PJs? Or is this just another mirage?

We've reached out to H&M for confirmation and will update when we hear back. Stay tuned.