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How to Wear Your Button Down Shirt As a Skirt

Here's how to turn your favorite button-down shirt into an amazing skirt--no scissors required.

Earlier this week, I had just cut off the sleeves of my white button-up shirt and was about to pair it with a nice denim skirt for work when I realized...I didn't have a nice denim skirt to pair it with.

Then, an epiphany! I suddenly recalled an inspired moment two summers ago when, after hours of exploring online style community Chictopia, I first discovered the brilliant fashion hack that is the shirt-skirt.

What exactly is, the shirt-skirt you ask? Let me explain: The shirt-skirt is a long-sleeve button-up shirt. That's worn as a skirt. Simple, right? In this case, it's a chambray shirt worn as a denim skirt.

Here's how you do it: Tie the shirt around your waist, then button it up so that it's covering your legs. Ta da, you have yourself a skirt.

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The versatility of the shirt-skirt goes beyond its ability to transform from a top to a bottom; you can use pretty much any of your shirts—whether checked, floral, or in a pineapple print—and wear it out as a unique patterned skirt.

The shirt-skirt is genius. It's downright democratic—it's utilitarian chic, in the true sense of the word!