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Isaac Mizrahi Teams Up with Tweezerman Even Though He Was 'Born Without Brows'

Earlier this week we caught up with the Isaac Mizrahi at the launch of his newest (and arguably oddest) collaboration with Tweezerman, the brow care brand that pretty much every single makeup artist and brow pro swears by. It's especially odd since Mizrahi admitted that he doesn't even have brows. Here's what else he had to say about his lack of eyebrows, the next season of Project Runway All Stars, and launching a makeup line.

So in light of this beauty collaboration and your new fragrance, does this mean color cosmetics aren't far behind? So many of your contemporaries, like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, are launching makeup. I will enter that arena, but I'm not exactly sure when. New things happen everyday. It's an area that I really want to get into, because I feel like I'm very good at that. I do think that all the products I've been licensing lately are things that I really believe in, that resonate with me, and things that I actually have a kind of authority about. Otherwise it doesn't work for me.

So you're about to go into your third season as a judge on Project Runway All Stars. Will there be any challenges involving the new tweezers? [laughs] No, because we just finished taping Thursday and we couldn't really reveal anything until today.

So what's the weirdest thing you've seen being a judge on Project Runway? Not something I've seen but wearing a suit and tie!

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They make you wear a suit and tie? No, but I feel like if I'm a judge on a fashion competition series I have to be at least kind of neat looking. This season I was in a suit and tie the whole time. It felt really weird because I'm extremely casual and I believe in casual clothes.