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Jennifer Aniston Loves Tank Tops, Hates Strip Clubs

Jennifer Aniston: Clothes hoarder, strip club hater.
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This month, Glamour's bound to have a stellar seller on its hands: Jennifer Aniston, one of the few celebs who never fails to move magazines, is its September cover girl.

In a refreshing twist on the celeb profile, Glamour asked Aniston's We Are the Millers costar Jason Sudeikis to interview the 44-year-old actress about strippers (she plays one in the movie), dating lousy guys, and of course, her signature laid back style. The main take-away? Jennifer Aniston loves tank tops. LOVES 'EM.

"I'm pretty basic," Aniston tells Sudeikis, who's just begging the actress to spill her fashion tips ("Glamour asked me to ask you fashion questions," he prefaces). "I pretty much have my uniform. A boyfriend jean, a wedge, a tank top. At night, I change the tank top to black and add some chains. Even on the red carpet, it has to be comfortable. I usually try to get some form of a t-shirt that looks like a gown. Like a longer tank top. A tank top, but with glitter on it."

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Aniston also confesses to being somewhat of a clothes hoarder, refusing to let go of items she's owned since she was a teen. "I have clothes from high school. Clothes from when I was 19, even from when Friends started. My Levi's that have holes in them, that I'd fold up, and I'd wear with these little red loafers and a black button-up shirt. And it was stylin'."

Some women who may not be too keen on picking up Glamour's September issue? Strippers. On nixing a plan to do role research at a North Carolina strip club (on top of her mental sounding kale diet), Aniston tells Sudeikis, "Strip clubs are disgusting... I also think it's not very hygienic in there. I mean, my Lord." After which, Sudeikis admits that he and his fiancee Olivia Wilde have totally gone to strip clubs together. Maybe they should invite Aniston to join them next time...

Click through to see more of the shoot, and pick up Glamour's September issue August 6 (or download it here right now!).

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